11th November 2013

Due to a fire on our business park we are unable to open the office today.

We hope to be back to normal tomorrow (12/11/13)

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Your Number One Supplier For Warehouse Identification.

Barcode labels, ticket holders, label holders and warehouse label identification 

Beaverswood offer a complete range of warehouse labelling solutions. We are UK suppliers of stickers, racking labels, ticket holders, label holders, barcode labels, document pockets and magnetic signs for display on your racking and shelving in your warehouse. There is a great selection of products available at Beaverswood. Since the launch of our very first product, Self-adhesive Numbers and Letters in 1984, we have continued to produce quality, cost effective labelling systems for all around the warehouse. All of our standard product range is kept in stock and can normally be despatched the same day.

Numbers and Letters

Not only ensuring high visibility but colour coded identification as well. Simple to apply, they can be quickly removed and leave no adhesive residue.

Location/ID Labels

Our range of labels include standard code labels, printed barcodes, colour coded labels, upright colour markers plus many more.

Ticket Holders

With our range of Self-adhesive and Magnetic Ticket Holders, you are bound to find exactly what you need.

Magnetic Label Holders

Magnetic are ideal for applications where regular changes are required, easier and quicker to move then adhesive backed holders

Weight Load Notices

Included within Beaverswood’s wide range of warehouse identification are a range of five Load Notices.

Floor Markers

Available from stock, a simple, instant identification solution.


Waste management problems are easily solved with the racksack. Suitable for most warehouse racking systems, the racksack quickly fixes to the end of your racking system.

Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip

The magnetic easy wipe racking strip provides a fast and cost effective updating system for identifying product codes and stock level information etc.


Just a few of our standard “off the shelf”  range are as follows:

Damaged Rack Markers
Barcode Labels
Hanging Pockets
ID Labels
Industrial Tags
Label Holders
Label Identification
Location Markers

Magnetic & Self-adhesive Ticket Holders
Magnetic & Self-adhesive Ticket Pouches
Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip
Magnetic Numbers and Letters
Magnetic Paper
Magnetic Self-adhesive Document Pockets
Magnetic Self-adhesive Label Holders
Magnetic Self-adhesive Strip
Pallet Markers
Safety Signs
Self-adhesive Numbers and Letters
Ticket Holders
Weight Load Notices

Or alternatively click on the "products" tab above to view the full range.

Beaverswood products are also available to buy through your regular industrial equipment supplier.

ISO 9001

We also specialise in producing bespoke identification products including barcode labels, metal tags, tote bin labels and custom printed Labels.

To discuss your labelling needs please call the sales office or click here to request our catalogue and free sample pack. 

We pride ourselves in being Europe’s leading supplier of Warehouse & Identification products. It is our aim, to supply you with quality, cost effective, labelling solutions to meet your individual requirements. Exceeding the high standards expected by our customer’s, calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees to the principles of Quality Assurance.

To this end, the company has established a Quality Management System, based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.