Beaverswood 40th

40th Anniversary!


Big news, folks! Beaverswood® is hitting the big 4-0! Yep, we've been around for four whole decades, making workplaces smarter, safer, and just plain better since 1984. 

Our founder, Rodney Bevis, kicked things off with just one nifty product (our famous numbers and letters) and a boatload of big dreams. Fast forward to today, and we're leading the charge in the warehouse ID and visual management scene, helping folks all over the planet get their spaces sorted.

We've got a treat for you in this special blog post. You'll get the inside scoop from our very own top brass - Steph Gentle (Managing Director, Beaverswood®) and Richard Harden (CEO, IWS Group). Plus, we'll dig into our company milestones and some of our latest and greatest product innovations.

So, buckle up and join us on this trip down memory lane, check out the cool new products we've whipped up, and get a peek at what's on the horizon. Here's to diving into the past, celebrating the now, and jumping headfirst into an exciting future. Cheers to 40 years, and here's to many, many more! 🎉


"Turning 40 isn't just about throwing back to all the cool stuff we've done (though there's plenty of that). It's also about gearing up for the future. We're on a mission to keep adapting and exceeding expectations in this fast-moving industry, bringing solutions that make workplaces slicker, safer, and simply better.

Looking ahead, we're setting our sights high. We want to grow our family of resellers, roll out even more fantastic products, and deliver top-notch service. The world of industrial visual management keeps evolving, and we plan to stay right at the front, ready for whatever comes our way.

A massive shoutout to every member of the Beaverswood® family—our stellar staff, fantastic partners, and cherished customers. Your trust and support are what fuel our drive for excellence.

Here's to a fabulous 40 years, and here's to many more. We'll keep pushing the limits and building on our strong foundation for even more epic wins.

Here's to the past, the now, and the next! Let's do this! 🎉"


"As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Beaverswood®, I reflect with great pride on this company's integral role within IWS Group. Beaverswood® isn't just a part of our group; it's a cornerstone of our strategy to provide comprehensive, holistic solutions to the warehousing and industrial sectors.

The synergy between Beaverswood® and other companies within IWS Group enhances our collective strength. Beaverswood®'s expertise in visual management and warehouse identification solutions complements our broader ambitions to streamline operations, improve safety, and increase efficiency across numerous industries. Their product range, which covers labelling, signage, floor marking, document display, shadow boards, and waste segregation, integrates seamlessly with services from our other businesses, offering clients a unified approach to managing their operations.

As we progress, I encourage Beaverswood® to continue seeking out and capitalising on these inter-company collaborations. Together, we can innovate and adapt to market changes, driving growth and delivering value to our customers like never before.

I'm excited about the future of Beaverswood® and IWS Group. Together, we'll continue to build on our strengths, explore new opportunities, and deliver exceptional solutions that support our clients worldwide.

Thank you to everyone at Beaverswood® for your dedication and commitment. Your hard work strengthens our group and propels us toward a future rich with possibility."



It's been a busy couple of years, and we've rolled out some new gadgets to crank up the efficiency and organisation of your workplaces. Let's dive into what's new and nifty:


  • racksack® mini and racksack® nano: We’ve gone and shrunk our classic racksack®! These little legends help keep things tidy and sorted, perfect for tight spots, without gobbling up your floor space.
  • Glow in the Dark Tape: Brighten up your safety measures with our new Glow in the Dark Tape, perfect for marking escape routes during power cuts, fires, and other low-visibility conditions.
  • Reflective Tape: Ensure maximum visibility with our Reflective Tape, ideal for marking pathways and safety zones in low-light areas, ensuring everyone stays seen and safe.
  • Self-adhesive angled ticket holders: Say goodbye to squinting and hello to our angled ticket holders. They tilt right towards you, so you can spot what you need in a snap, saving you time and trouble when you're on the hunt through the warehouse.
  • Mag-Grip magnetic clip: This clever clip sticks to any flat, sealed surface and holds your essential bits and bobs in a strong magnetic grip - ideal for places that change things up and need info to be front and centre.
  • Modulean® rack end boards: The latest brainchild in our Modulean® series, these boards jazz up the ends of your warehouse racking with all the safety and sorting info you need.


We're always on the move, keeping our ears to the ground and crafting solutions that tick all the boxes for our fab customers. Thanks to staying ahead of the curve and listening to what you need, Beaverswood® is here to ensure work environments worldwide are as safe and slick as possible. Here's to making more workplaces wonderful!



As we celebrate Beaverswood®'s 40th anniversary, we take a moment to look back at the significant milestones that have marked our journey from a small startup to a leading provider of visual management solutions. Each milestone reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction:


1984: The Beginning

Rodney Bevis kicks things off with a bang, launching Beaverswood® with our now-iconic Numbers and Letters labels. Talk about starting strong!


Wow, what a ride it's been! Over the past 40 years, Beaverswood® has been all about growing, innovating, and sticking to a rock-solid commitment to quality and making our customers smile. These big things have kept us ticking, and they're not going anywhere. We're still all-in on pushing the limits in visual management and making workplaces everywhere as slick as a whistle.

We can't do this alone, though. We need you - our amazing team, fantastic partners, and brilliant resellers - to hop on this journey with us. Your thoughts, high-fives, and team spirit help us zoom past the ordinary and deliver the extraordinary. So, let's keep chatting! Tell us your Beaverswood® tales, join in on the fun with our social posts, and help us spin the yarns of the chapters to come in our #Beavolution

Here's to loads more innovation, heaps of achievements, and a community vibe that's second to none. Let's keep making global workspaces smarter, safer, and superbly organised.

Here's to the next chapter - may it be as fabulous as the last! 🎉