5 Ways To Improve Office Safety

When it’s vital staff work from your offices, your duty of care is to keep them safe and comfortable. That is now more complex due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Which is why we’ve highlighted these five ways you can improve your office safety.

Of the 1.6 million work-related injuries and illnesses each year in the UK, office environments play far more of a role than you possibly realise. Injuries to employees are something you tend to associate with construction sites or using heavy machinery or chemicals for example. Making it possible for companies to get complacent about the Health & Safety issues in offices.

The most common risk in offices is a fall. Office-based workers are more than twice as likely to take a tumble at work, compared to at home. Lifting incorrectly is also a common cause of workplace injuries, as well as strains from reaching up or down.

You won’t be surprised to read that workstations are the source of many incidents of considerable and lasting damage, including carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back problems and of course eye strain.

Modern offices must also be aware of a risk that has resulted in many staff working from home; Covid-19. Team members based in head offices or branches – for all or part of the working week – must be assured of strict adherence to the latest coronavirus protocols and safety measures.

1. Properly sized desk screens

office desk separator for improving office safety

When considering how to improve your office safety right now, desk screens are vital. However, it is important to buy the right size and format to serve their purpose in your office layout.

For example, our versatile and aesthetically pleasing COVID-19 safety screens include easy to attach desk dividers. There are also options that make reception desks safer and products to screen countertops for customer interaction. We are even a supplier of large freestanding Perspex protective screens for places where people stand and move around to work or meet.

To effectively reduce infection spread, the right type of office screen makes a big difference.

2. Modulean Shadow Boards

SHB008 Hand sanitiser station

This ingenious safety product for offices is one of our most popular products with good reason. The ways customers use Modulean Shadow Boards, for safety, workplace management and communication, are diverse.

For one thing, they provide the ideal COVID-19 hygiene stations, coming ready and equipped with key equipment like hand gel and disinfectant wipe dispensers. Or, you can specify a Modulean Lite or Shadow Board system as a clear First Aid or Fire control point, with your relevant kit displayed prominently.

Some are even more practical, enabling employers to tidy away cleaning equipment logically and centrally, so staff can access it quickly when needed. What business need can Modulean Shadow Boards solve for you?

3. Anti Slip

anti skid tape is vital to office safety

Office safety measures must address the risk of falls. Such as mopping up spills, and clearing away debris using equipment hung on a Modulean Shadow Board!

In wet or wintery weather, moisture dragged in on people’s feet or clothing can make foyers and even office floors a serious slip zone.

Getting ahead of this means stocking up on the best anti-slip products for office complexes. You will find our innovative range has covered you for many eventualities. Including providing you with anti-slip stair treads, and anti-slip tape in various sizes for hazardous locations. We even stock anti-slip footprints to help you mark out one-way walking or to segregate pedestrians from machinery and traffic.

4. Social Distancing Seat Markers

Social Distancing Seat Markers

One of the items all offices should buy-in, to manage COVID-19 safety, is a set of social distancing stickers for various places and purposes. That includes easy to fix and remove seat markers for social distancing.

Our range includes a versatile seating marker for meeting rooms, reception areas, restaurants and a wide range of other workplaces where the pandemic is being taken seriously.

5. COVID-19 Floor Marking Kits

COVID-19 Floor Marking Kits can improve your office safety

Recent office must-haves also now include floor markings to help keep staff distanced and safe.

Our durable and well-designed COVID-19 Floor Marking Kits come with everything you need to manage commercial environments, including anti-slip ‘Stop’ signs for pedestrians. The strong adhesive makes these a safer option than cheaper alternatives that can peel off or tear easily, adding a new trip hazard.

Advice on office safety products

These five ways to improve your office safety are just examples of the ways Beaverswood helps customers to manage daily risks in different workplaces. We are always happy to chat about your specific needs and concerns, and can suggest cost-effective safety products that prevent your staff from becoming an H&S statistic!