6 Benefits Of Label Pockets In Your Workplace

A workplace, especially one based in a warehouse or other industrial setting, needs to be well organised. You can easily create more order and ease of recognition within your workplace with label pockets. We explore the 6 benefits of our Magnetic Pouches and Self Adhesive Pouches and why you should be investing in getting your workplace organised

1.Flexibility Of Location

A workplace rarely remains the same for long. If your workplace requires a lot of different labels in different areas that often change, these magnetic labels are perfect. Because they are magnetic rather than adhesive, you can easily fix them to any metallic surface and move them around as and when you need.

You can simply use them in new locations time and again, saving money, time and work for your staff. It also helps to stop confusion, as there is no need for hold labels to be left in places where the information is no longer applicable. Self-adhesive label pockets are less flexible in location but still provide the same great performance.

2. Flexibility Of Information

Your workplace information could change monthly, weekly, or perhaps even more frequently. Whether you have accidentally mislabeled something, or you have frequently changing information, a label pocket with information you cannot change is more of a hindrance than a help.

These label pockets will not inconvenience you! For even better performance, you can change the pocket insert label. This is especially useful if the information about the area or item you are labelling changes frequently. You can simply slip out the insert label and replace it with a new label for a clear change.

3. A Range Of Colours

Labelled areas often contain sensitive or important information. Keeping the areas well defined is incredibly important, and especially useful during training as you can explain the areas to your staff in a simple way. It is so much easier to do this with clear labelling – and sometimes words just are not enough!

With these incredible label pockets, you can rely on a range of colours so that you can more straightforwardly coordinate labelled areas. This means less confusion, easier training, and a clear delineation between spaces. You can choose from Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow or Mixed to suit any established labelling practices, or create new ones.

4. A Range Of Sizes

Not all workplaces are the same, and not every area within a workplace requires the same amount of information when labelling. With our label pockets, you can get a whole range of sizes to suit all of your needs. Both our magnetic and our self-adhesive label pockets are available in 40 x 120mm, 60 x 100mm, 60 x 140mm and 30 x 100mm to meet a variety of labelling tasks. Whether you just need to write a name, require a little more information, or need the label to be readily visible at all times – we have got you covered.

5. Durable And Easy To Clean

The worst quality a label pocket could have would be if it was not easy to clean. Especially in the current climate, hygiene and cleanliness are more important than ever. You may work somewhere with tools, dust, and other kinds of dirt which can land on your label pocket.

These label pockets, both the magnetic and self-adhesive variety, are easily wipeable which makes them very straightforward to clean, even in messier working environments. This promotes workplace hygiene and means that the information inside the pocket is always clearly visible.

Another important thing to consider when choosing the correct label pocket for your workplace is thinking about durability. A label pocket that falls off the surface it is affixed to, or easily tears is not qualified for money.

6. High Quality

Every single label pocket you buy with us is made from a high-quality PVC material which makes them incredibly sturdy. We know that your label pockets might see a lot of wear and tear and daily use – you can be safe in the knowledge that these pockets have increased longevity. They can take a lot of use, whether you choose magnetic or self-adhesive.

Are you looking to make sure you have the perfect organisation in the new year?

All label holders are available in large packs of 100 to cover all of your company needs. With such incredible benefits, you can get your workplace organised in 2021 with these fantastic label pockets.