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A4 Magnetic Sheets: How to use them and why

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Proper signage in the workplace is necessary for a productive and safe working environment. So, if signs are so important, why don’t we spend more time thinking about them? This blog will go through the benefits of using A4 magnetic sheets for your signage, and how to use them effectively. 

What are A4 Magnetic Sheets?

Examples of A4 magnetic sheets

A4 Magnetic sheets, as the name suggests, are PVC sheets or paper with magnetic backing that allows them to be easily attached to any solid metal object. This product can be used with many common inkjet printers, and the A4 size ensures that they are easy to load. Simply create your design, load the A4 Magnetic sheets into the printer one at a time, and print out your design. 

Different from ordinary signs, many magnetic sheets have a Quality PVC gloss finish. This can help to make the sheets be more durable than paper signage, and have a more professional, noticeable appearance. After all, who’s going to trust a smudged, crumpled or torn sign? Many magnetic sheets come in a variety of bright colours, making it easier than ever to create visible, colour coded signage. 

What Should I Use A4 Magnetic Sheets For?

Clear, visible signage is an important part of functionality for every workplace. Here are some of the ways that magnetic signs can create a safe and positive working environment:

  • A4 coloured magnetic sheets make excellent reusable hazard signs. This is especially useful if your workplace hazards are temporary and change a lot. From warning people of wet floors in an office environment, to warning people of chemical hazards or new dangerous stock, magnetic sheets ensure that you always have a warning sign to hand. 
  • Display the findings of your workplace safety audits to remind workers of any new safety precautions they should be aware of, and to make your employees feel safer in the workplace. 
  • Do things move about a lot in your workplace? Use A4 magnetic sheets to signify something has changed location. This saves everyone’s time; you don’t need to remake signage, and your employees won’t spend their working hours searching for files or products. 
  • Remind people of best practices, or something they need to do daily. From wash your hands signs to important safety precautions, every office needs signs like these. 

What to Put on Signs

The design and wording on your signs can directly impact how effective they are. Clear signage is especially important for hazards or health and safety signs. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your signs are clear.

Make sure your signs communicate your message clearly by avoiding mixed messages. Using simple, clear and concise language and giving clear instructions will make people more likely to adhere to your messages. 

It’s important not to go overboard, both with design and with language. Nobody is going to stop to read a cluttered or overcomplicated sign. Think about the purpose of the signs and the message you want to get across, and the simplest way to convey this. 

For best results, use simple graphics and bold writing in a clear font. Make sure to use visible colour combinations, either light colours on a dark background or dark colours on a light background.

Visibility of Signs

No matter how good your signs are, if they are not in a visible location they will not be seen. Brightly coloured signs will draw attention and make the signs more noticeable. 

The location of signs is important; consider the sight-lines of people as they walk around the workplace or complete different tasks. For example, if you want someone to notice a sign whilst washing their hands, a sign above the sink may be more noticeable than one directly in front of you. It may also be useful to consider the parts of the office that get the most footfall. The busier the area is, the more people are likely to see your signs. 

The good news is that A4 magnetic sheets are easily movable, so you can try out different areas for your signage to see which places are most efficient.

Improper labelling can cause health and safety hazards and confusion in the workplace. Magnetic signs are the perfect solution to this, as they are durable, movable and easy to implement.

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