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Anti-Slip Tape: Where To Install It In Your Warehouse

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Slips, trips and falls are the biggest cause of workplace accidents in the UK. Yet one of the best ways to avoid this ‘sticky situation’ is to buy low-cost anti-slip tape and treads.

The British winter plays havoc with your workplace’s approach roads, car park and loading areas, but also with your floors. To be honest, a soggy British summer can also be the source of concern, when rain gets trodden or blown indoors.

Then there are the year-round oily substances that get underfoot.

This can make a simple roll of anti-slip tape the ideal way to weatherproof floors, or indeed to address H&S issues in other moisture-rich environments.

In Praise Of Durable Anti-Slip Tape And Treads

There are different types of anti-slip tape, depending on the situation and the location. They all share one advantage though. They are an incredibly inexpensive and versatile way to avoid workplace injuries.

The low-cost products from Beaverswood also serve an important dual purpose. Their design makes them highly visible, flagging up danger zones and alerting staff and visitors to the need for caution. However, the materials and manufacturing processes used to create anti-slip tapes means they also provide important traction for the soles of footwear.

That’s because our strong, water-resistant tapes and treads are manufactured with a firm, hardworking adhesive. They are also impregnated with diamond-hard aluminium oxide. This gives footwear a firm grip, even when considerable amounts of moisture, oil or other substances are present.

Keep in mind that a workforce that can transit confidently across potentially slippery floors can also work faster as well as more safely.

To help you to get your anti-slip tape in all the right places, here are some ways to use this product range effectively.

Entrances And Exits To The Building

One of the most deceptively hazardous locations in any building is the doorways to the great outdoors. In particularly high footfall areas, moisture from rain or ice and oily residues can transfer surprisingly far from your lobby, reception area, staff entrance or balcony access.

Some strategically placed 50mm wide Anti Slip Tape can make a big difference. It will support and extend any anti-slip mats or carpeting you use and can be particularly vital if your entrances and exits are hard standings.

We sell clear rolls of self-adhesive 50mm wide anti-slip tape, which are perfect for a discrete safety measure to use on aesthetic flooring.

Loading And Offloading Bays

Some locations within commercial premises – particularly warehouse operations – are especially prone to getting wet. Wind can drive rain into loading and offloading bays, delivery hatches and other apertures that are regularly open.

If your risk assessment highlights flooring that presents H&S hazard, then keeping rolls of anti-slip tape handy is important. We supply 25, 100 and 150mm wide rolls, so you can create the right level of traction wherever it’s needed. Anti-slip tape from Beaverswood is good quality and durable, but the low unit cost means it can be regularly refreshed or replaced if your floor is prone to heavy moisture, vehicle traffic or footfall.

Stairs – Indoors And Out

Stairs are a major H&S issue for workplaces. Putting anti-slip tape on them – even if they are indoors and away from moisture sources – is simply common sense. Even someone with dry footwear could benefit from the additional traction provided by anti-slip stair treads.

Our anti-slip cleats come in plain black or with warnings printed on – either CAUTION or WATCH YOUR STEP. You can order custom made anti-slip stair treads too.

Work Zones With Atmospheric Moisture

Any part of your premises where ice, water or steam are part of your production process will, of course, need specialist matting or some other flooring material to combat slipping. The same applies to work zones prone to condensation.

Any of our inexpensive anti-slip tapes can back up and bolster safety in any of these areas, especially in doorways or where matting ends.

Stick To H&S Compliance

Working with Beaverswood to ‘tape off’ your H&S requirements means having a wide range of options for colours, graphics and properties of safety products. Give us a call and we can estimate the amount of anti-slip tapes you need, for even better value from money.

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