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MODULEAN™ – Without A Shadow Of A Doubt


  MODULEAN™ Shadow Boards offer a unique modular system, with stand-out design and practicality. Focused on easily accessible items which are simple to use – the silhouette on the boards encourages users to return the items once finished. Ideal in a number of different environments, from offices and schools to warehouses and retail. Read on … Continued

5 reasons why your warehouse should use the racksack®


5 reasons why your warehouse should use the racksack® Have you heard of the racksack®? Taking warehouses by storm across Europe and the UK, it seems to be the ‘must-have’ investment for the industrial workplace right now. Here are five reasons why so many companies have bought into the racksack® system.   It’s the easiest … Continued

10 Simple Tips For A More Productive Warehouse


Warehouse managers are always looking for ways to work smarter, leaner and more efficiently. Here are some simple tips to make life easier for everyone in the workplace. 1. Free up space for your waste and recycling – Waste is inevitable in the warehouse. The racksack® is the perfect solution to your warehouse-waste-woes. Easily hung … Continued