The best anti-slip tape to keep your staff safe this winter

Protecting employees often begins at ground level. When Winter increases the risk of damp floors within workplaces, how can rolls of the best anti-slip tape be an ideal H&S problem-solver?

Some of the wettest Winter months on record were experienced in parts of the UK in 2020/21. This also means sunshine in England and Wales was in very short supply last winter.

Could the Winter of 2021/22 bring more of the same, or worse?

The reason this matters to employers is not simply because snow, ice and torrential rain effects staff mood and transport. More wetness means more chance of moisture transfer into workplaces, creating serious Health & Safety risks.

This is the sort of Winter peril that adds extra stress to factories, warehouses and other buildings that use or store liquids too, or which tend to have a lot of moisture in the air. Creating multiple ways floors can become damp.

As slips, trips and falls are the biggest cause of accidents in UK workplaces, it’s an issue that demands constant attention.

Easy way to stay on top of floor safety in Winter

For many companies, the quickest, cheapest and most obvious solution is finding the best anti-slip tape. Especially as modern manufacturing methods mean you can buy anti-slip tape that does an outstanding job!

How can a simple roll of tape be such an advantage when you’re looking for anti-slip flooring materials to eliminate Winter risks in workplaces?

For one thing, it’s a versatile option.

You can fix specialist floor tape down anywhere, in any situation, including stairs, doorways, and loading bays, as well as many outdoor locations. There will be a size and type of tape that matches any situation.

Also, you create a good grip on floors – without adding a trip hazard – as tape lies flush to the ground. If you choose a product that offers the assurance of an immediate fix for many slippery surfaces, that’s strong enough not to peel pack, fray or snag, of course.

Clearly, much depends on sourcing the best waterproof anti-slip tapes, that feature heavy-duty adhesive for permanent and reliable grip.

What else to look for in the best anti-slip tapes

The leading range of anti slip tape rolls offer you more important benefits too. Passing reference has already been made to how rolls of special flooring tape from safety product suppliers provide a semi-permanent solution.

That’s due to the incredible durability of modern anti-slip tapes. You won’t have to replace configurations frequently

Also, our anti slip tapes are quick and easy to apply, but it’s likely to surprise you what a hard, tough surface they create. That’s because the thick moisture-resistant material used has been impregnated with diamond-hard aluminium oxide.

Now that’s good grip!

Our anti slip tape has also been rigorously tested and approved as a way of managing wet floors, even when oil or grease is mixed in with the moisture.

Giving employers ‘strong’ peace of mind that feet will be firm on walkways and stairs, to protect your safety record year-round.

Options for the best anti-slip floor tape

As well as buying anti slip tape in various sizes – to fit your needs flawlessly – you can also opt for different colours or a clear anti slip tape. This gives you an ideal way to use tape that creates grip as a warning and directional aid too.

The availability of different colours of anti slip flooring materials is also significant when aesthetics matter.

For example, you may simply want to be confident of a non-slip surface in warehouse environments and a yellow/black zigzag tape is ideal as a risk warning too.

However, in the foyers and hallways of buildings, managing foot-traffic safety in winter requires flooring materials that prevent slipping, but also look good. Making transparent anti slip tape rolls a superb option.

Where to buy products to beat Winter slippage

Did you know that every snowflake has six sides or points, to enable water molecules to form in the most efficient way? Also, snowflakes are clear, not white (it’s a trick of the light).

More importantly, the most efficient and clearest way to combat the risks of snow, ice and rain creating slippery surfaces in your workplace is to contact us. We can provide low prices and fast delivery for the best anti-slip tape rolls for your site.