Bookshelf Labels Benefits: Keep Your Workplace Organised

Having a logical, well-labelled storage system in any building is common sense. We discuss bookshelf label benefits and how locational aids reinforce basic human needs and have other purposes.

Whether it’s a school, college, office space or busy warehouse environment, having a system to find items quickly – at a glance – saves time and avoids frustration.

Recently, there’s been a sharp upturn in TV programmes, books and social media posts about the benefits of getting organised and creating space. At home as well as at work. This has included discussion about simple techniques – including the Japanese Art of Decluttering – that enable people to decide whether to keep things and where to put items worth holding on to.

Beaverswood is ahead of this trend.

We have been selling traditional but highly effective organisational equipment for years. Versatile labelling systems for shelving, boxes, trays and racks that make tidying up easy.

Even in the digital age, physical labels are vital in public buildings, offices, educational facilities and factories, as well as warehouses and stock rooms. This article shows innovative uses of traditional ways to create bookshelf labels and other locational aids.

A tidy, well-organised workspace is good for you

First, why does finding a supplier of label products help you to make people happier and more productive in your workplace?

Studies have shown that having things laid out logically and clearly manages stress. There is even evidence to suggest that general health improves if you have a clean, tidy environment. One research project by Princeton University charted how having your vision assaulted by ‘task-irrelevant items’ made it difficult to focus. In other words, clutter is distracting.

It’s fundamental science really. Humans live and thrive on patterns and cycles, such as how we sleep to the way we read. Chaos and confusion cause anxiety and slow us down. Order and logic make us comfortable and more productive.

Self-adhesive numbers and letters

Letter stickers

Let’s start with the simplest system of all for workplace labelling the world over; alphanumerical characters as stickers. If you have bookshelves – or any kind of shelving, racks, storage boxes and draws – these create a highly visible coding system.

We sell sheets of numbers and letters in eight sizes and two colours. Each sheet contains a separate alphanumeric character – so you can mix and match according to the way you categorise things in your workplace.

These can label your bookshelves and any other places where items need to be returned to.

The smaller sizes are a handy way to mark up equipment, not just to show where it belongs, but also to whom it belongs.

Work trays and shelves can be individualised in schools, and equipment caddies can be numbered to coordinate with classroom tables.

The larger characters help you give doors a number or letter or mark out queuing lines in halls and foyers.

You can also use these adhesive alphanumeric character stickers to spell out important words for Health & Safety purposes. The word caution in yellow draws the eye really well!

Spelling out words, or giving items a number reference, to help staff locate things is as easy as ABC or 123, with these low-cost adhesive labels.

Self Adhesive Label Holders

Label Holder

What happens if you want interchangeable and quick to update labels for bookshelves, racks, trays and boxes? Beaverswood can frame the perfect solution!

Our self-adhesive label holders can affix to multiple surfaces firmly. You then simply switch the contents to continuously update the locational information. Buy label holder ticket inserts in bulk, and you can change your storeroom, classroom or office messaging daily if you wish.

Run a label holder on top of a noticeboard, to reinforce its contents, such as “First Aid information”, “Latest Staff News” or “Class 3’s Autumn Art project”.

The easy to install long-length label holders can run along the entire shelf, rack or wall.

In classrooms, words of the week or theme messages can be slotted in. It’s like an interchangeable informational display you don’t have to plugin! Simply write or print the text you need to communicate, slide it into the information holder, and then change it whenever you want.

Sign of the times

There are other cost-effective ways to use labelling systems to keep a workspace tidy and also to keep safety information and other messaging up to date.

Beaverswood can help you create a tidy workspace, and communicate loud and clear!

What are bookshelf labels?

Bookshelf labels provide versatile labelling systems for workplaces. They help keep workplaces organised by clearly identifying the products or inventory stored in that location.

What are the benefits of bookshelf labels?

Bookshelf Labels provide highly effective organisational systems for workplaces. The benefits of bookshelf labels are that they provide quick identification for staff while working. This can make staff more efficient and reduce time spent in storage areas.