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Reviewing Industrial Safety Post-Covid-19

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New normal   There’s no doubt about it, Covid-19 has changed the economic and industrial landscape. There has been a sharp rise in online shopping which, in turn, has increased the productivity in warehousing, logistics and transport sectors, whilst also heightening levels of manufacturing and production.   UK manufacturing is being brought to the fore … Continued

Coronavirus: How signage and labelling are vital to an anti-coronavirus workplace

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  Quality signs and labels can play a seminal role in an effective anti-coronavirus (COVID-19) strategy during these difficult times for thousands of UK businesses. Employers have become accustomed to managing illness such as flu and colds in the workplace, particularly in the long winter months. However, the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak is causing many to … Continued

Social distancing at work

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How to implement social distancing and protecting your workforce during COVID-19 If you’re concerned about how to implement social distancing at work, then this article will help you. Operating safely and protecting the workforce is absolutely critical. For construction, manufacturing, distribution centres and logistics operations, it’s a seemingly impossible task to follow social distancing measures. … Continued