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The ultimate checklist for warehouse safety

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If you were starting up a new warehouse operation or updating an existing one, you would need to work your way through the HSE’s HSG76 rules on warehouse safety. Spoiler alert! These are products you will inevitably need. The Health and Safety Executive’s warehousing and storage health and safety guide drills down on the key … Continued

Anti-slip tape: Where to install it in your warehouse

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Slips, trips and falls are the biggest cause of workplace accidents in the UK. Yet one of the best ways to avoid this ‘sticky situation’ is to buy low-cost anti-slip tape and treads. The British winter plays havoc with your workplace’s approach roads, car park and loading areas, but also with your floors. To be … Continued

5 Warehouse Labelling Solutions To Improve Your System

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Having a place for everything, and everything in its place, underpins productivity, waste management and safety. Here are five warehouse labelling solutions to enforce lean practices and consistent efficiency. Designers and manufacturers of innovative labelling products have responded well to the needs of contemporary warehouse operations. Many logistics firms – and stock and dispatch departments … Continued

Do You Need A Stable Label?

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Do you need a stable label? (No, not for horse stables!) Label holders and ticket holders are a fantastic way of identifying sections within the workplace. Think: Filing on shelves, paperwork in drawers, products on racking, and more. Label holders are inobtrusive and can be easily updated when the environment changes. Label Holders   Adhesive … Continued

Case Study: New Waste Management System Cleans Up At International Packaging Company

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Previous Next Images of our racksack® at Zeus Packaging’s warehouse and distribution centre in Biggleswade NEW WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CLEANS UP AT INTERNATIONAL PACKAGING COMPANY A new racksack® system from Beaverswood is improving the collection and segregation of waste at one of the UK and Ireland’s largest suppliers of industrial packaging and food service products.   … Continued

Aisle Markers For Warehouses: Become Safer And Better Organised

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Keeping staff and machinery flowing efficiently around your warehouse can be challenging. Fortunately, our aisle markers for warehouses are great ways to boost visibility across your warehouse shelves, racking and bays. Organising warehouse layouts to be both consistently efficient and safe is like ‘painting the Forth Bridge’; a never-ending challenge. With product moving in and … Continued

5 reasons why your workplace should use the racksack®

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5 reasons why your workplace should use the racksack®   Have you heard of the racksack®? Taking workplaces by storm across Europe and the UK, it is the ‘must-have’ investment for the industrial workplace right now. Here are five reasons why so many businesses have bought into the racksack® system.   1. It’s the easiest … Continued

Easy Ways to Implement Modulean Shadow Boards in The Workplace

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We believe the Multi-purpose Modulean Shadow Boards are a workplace must-have. They organise equipment, deliver key information and flag-up missing tools. Which is why we want to discuss these easy ways to implement a Modulean Shadow Board in the workplace. Workplace innovations always deserve consideration. Particularly ones that serve multiple purposes, ticking off neatness, safety … Continued

5 Ways To Improve Office Safety

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When it’s vital staff work from your offices, your duty of care is to keep them safe and comfortable. That is now more complex due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Which is why we’ve highlighted these five ways you can improve your office safety. Of the 1.6 million work-related injuries and illnesses each year in the … Continued

New, highly visual systems for workplace messaging

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Clear and unmissable communications are vital in any workplace, including accessible notice boards and reference documents. It is information to keep staff safe, productive and focused on operational priorities. So, what’s new? Introducing, highly visual systems for workplace messaging. Public sector organisations, industry and commerce all still rely heavily on the printed word. There really … Continued