clear plastic pockets: A Simple But Effective Item For Businesses

Clear Plastic Pockets: A Simple But Effective Item For Businesses

The most versatile and straightforward way to communicate in the workplace is often by displaying notices and reports in ‘clear sight’, using these modern versions of clear plastic pockets.

The most logical ways to disperse information in business premises have no technological alternatives. Physical documents mounted close at hand or notices posted at eye level keep your corporate messaging ‘upfront and central’.

This is not only a highly effective system, but it’s also cheap. Traditional display materials, like clear plastic pockets, are an inexpensive way to communicate safety, location and productivity information. You can keep staff updated and store reports in plain view, switching locations and updating materials quickly.

You may need to handle inspection reports, product specs and user manuals often during a working day, so sliding them in and out of protective clear pockets makes perfect sense.

The lynchpin of all this is having a stock of different kinds of clear plastic pockets. In designs that lend themselves to being used for a diverse range of communications purpose and attached to different surfaces.

Designers and manufacturers of plastic document holders have not stood still as IT advanced! They have found ingenious ways to bring this tried and trusted stationery item up to date, and ready to use in a range of creative ways.

Self adhesive window frame

frames4windows adhesive window document pocket
Document display on window

Attaching important documents to glass can be a convenient way to make sure no one misses key information. Frames4windows also provide the option to post notices that can be viewed from both sides. As they are reusable, these self-adhesive clear frames from documents can be lifted and relocated swiftly.

Frames4windows in different colours ensure you can code your workplace messages and reports, for at a glance evaluation.

Ideas for how they can be utilised include:

COVID signage and social distancing reminders.
• Meeting room booking systems.
• Layout plans that display from both sides of the glass.
• Safety messaging that can be seen from both sides of a glass partition.
• Changeable classroom/meeting room identification signs.
• Door signs to show vacant or occupied.

Fully Adhesive backed Pockets

doc pocket holders

There are times when you need a series of interchangeable messages or codes displayed around your workplace, without expense or permanency. This is when fully adhesive clear plastic pockets are a flexible solution.

You can mount them on various clean, dry surfaces, then use them to display important locational codes or operational reminders. Information can be changed in an instant, and the different sizes of clear plastic pockets give you options to display larger workplace signs too.

They can be stuck to most flat surfaces and used for:

• Stock locational codes.
• Safety signs.
• Recycling segregation indicators.
• Equipment user guides.
• Company status notices.
• Barcodes or content titles on storage boxes.

Magnetic pockets

5s coloued pockets on magnetic board

For any workplace with an abundance of metal surfaces, the option of displaying key information and reports using magnetic display materials is ‘attractive’.

The important thing is to find a supplier of industrial-strength magnetic clear pockets, so you can slide information in and out and move them around repeatedly.

These then become ideal for purposes that include:

• Racking content details.
• Locational aids on metal shelves.
• Staff information on metal doors.
• Content and handling info on roll and mesh containers.
• Order picking intel on racking, shelves and trolleys.

Beaverswood stocks these clear plastic pockets in different colours too, so you can reflect your company’s system for flagging staff information within different coloured magnetic pockets.

Self Adhesive Document Pockets

Sometimes you need clear fronted display pockets to collate and highlight information all in one place. Colour coded self-adhesive document pockets are ideal for this purpose, as you can mount amendable documents and signs with a protective layer.

The pockets themselves are strong enough to be long lasting, and they can be vital for such purposes as:

• Health & Safety information and reminders.
• First aid point guidance.
• Foyer marketing displays.
• Interchangeable information on exhibition stands.
• Staff canteen notice areas.
• Production status displays.
• Stock layouts and guides.

We have covered more uses and benefits of secure document holders in a previous guide to mounting company information and signs., you can read here.

However, it could well be that you have your own ideas and requirements for posting up messaging in your work environment.

The above are just examples of flexible display materials we stock, but clearly, clear plastic pockets are here to stay!