3 Document Display Holder Solutions For Your Office

Keeping staff up to date on vital H&S information is easy with the right document display holder solutions. In this article, we take a look at modern ways to mount notices, signs and reports that need to be regularly updated.

The list of Health & Safety information that employers need to display is comprehensive. Including a highly visible health and safety law poster.

You will also have your own notices and documents that need to be clearly seen, depending on your procedures and work systems. Possibly you still rely on some paper-based reporting and inspection documents that have to be quick to access and use.

Getting all this information posted up in logical places can be a challenge. Particularly as H&S messaging must be clear to see and use, to keep you compliant. If documents and signs start to get obscured by racking, transitory equipment, storage units or even clusters of staff, you create a bad impression during inspections or start to let basic work systems slip.

Fortunately, manufacturers of document display holder solutions are rising to this challenge. They now offer creative ways to post vital information and reporting systems. They are not only high-vis but also a quick and convenient method of updating the information you must exhibit in your workplace.

We put the spotlight on three document display holder solutions for contemporary employers.


frames4windows adhesive window document pocket

When it comes to document display holder solutions, this is a relatively new type. It is an ingenious way to post double-sided notices or reports. It can also help you to utilise glass partitions and windows to display workplace information.

Better still, self-adhesive Frames4windows are robust and re-usable. You can relocate them as required, without leaving a sticky mess on your surface.

Reports and notices can be slid seamlessly in and out of either the horizontal or vertical glass-compatible document holder, which is available in five colours to categorise workplace messaging.

Fully Adhesive Backed Pockets

Sometimes, more traditional adhesive document pockets are the best way to post up important information or to hold reports that need to be constantly maintained.

The trick is to find ones priced low enough so you can buy document display holders in bulk, without sacrificing quality. You need to be able to repeatedly slot information into a hard-wearing plastic sleeve and attach it firmly to diverse surfaces.

Our fully adhesive-backed pockets tick these boxes and come in multiple colours as well as A4, A5 and A7 size options. One of the most common uses of this particular document display holder is for easy to read barcode signs on warehouse and storeroom racking and shelves.

Coloured Magnetic Pockets

Using an adhesive document display holder is not always practical, or the best way to exhibit information in a workplace.

The problem can be solved by finding a low-cost supplier of magnetic pockets for notices, signs and inspection reports. These too fix well in a surprisingly diverse range of locations, from warehouse racking to your staff room fridge, and from filing cabinets to mesh cages and metal doors.

This can make product identification easy to update and signpost, as well as providing re-usable colour-coded holders for H&S and procedural information. They are a versatile way of displaying information on whiteboards – and noticeboards that use magnets – too.

Sign of the times – workplace information overhaul

As the economy rebuilds post-pandemic and employers welcome more staff back to the workplace, it’s a good opportunity to review all your signage, noticeboards and document display holder systems. Particularly make sure any H&S documentation ‘holds up’ to scrutiny when you next get inspected.

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