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Floor Marking Tape: 4 Benefits

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Whether you are working in construction, interior design or something else entirely, it is often imperative to mark out areas of the floor accurately. Here, we will look at the incredible benefits of floor marking tape for your business.

Range Of Colours

When using floor marking tape, it is important to use the correct colour of tape for your situation. With this range of floor marking tape, you can easily choose the right colour to highlight the area you need. There is yellow and black tape to help with highlighting hazardous areas, ensuring that people understand not to cross the line you have created.

The tape is also available in a range of different colours, making segregating different working areas easy. You can choose from the aforementioned black and yellow hazard tape, but also yellow, green, green and white, red, red and white, white, and blue.

There is also an anti-slip version of this sturdy floor marking tape available, which comes in black, yellow, black and yellow, clear, green and grey.

So you will always have the right colour tape for whatever application you need.

Segregating Areas Safely

Floor marking tape is very useful when it comes to segregating areas. You may need to use it for a variety of purposes, but one of the leading ways one can utilise this handy tape is to separate areas of pedestrian access from areas of vehicle access. This can be of high importance in warehouse settings when people often need to work alongside heavy-duty vehicles.

Doing this increases safety for everyone, and can be especially helpful if you happen to be working on a job site or if you are navigating a tight driving space in a building of any kind.

It means that those working or driving on-site can get on with their jobs knowing they have done their best to ensure no one can accidentally happen upon a busy and potentially dangerous area – with hazard tape available to make this clear.

Suitable For Daily Use

It is vital that floor marking tape can stand the test of time. Oftentimes, you will choose tape because you need it for a job that requires heavy-duty lifting and working.

This sturdy tape is durable enough to withstand everyday use. While you hope no one who shouldn’t be there will pass the line you create with your tape, those working in the area will need to step on and across it.

Whether you choose the standard or anti-slip version, in any colour available, this floor marking tape will not fray, tear, or peel off easily, meaning you can simply lay it down and not worry about frequent replacements.

Easy Application

Some floor marking tapes are not so easy to lay down on every surface, refusing to stick. When you choose your floor marking tape with us, you can be sure that it is easy to apply to any smooth surface – whatever that means for you.

You can use both the 50mm standard tape and the 50mm anti-slip floor marking tape on such diverse surfaces as warehouse floors, stairways and to separate and colour code walkways. The clear version is very useful for separating out areas you may be decorating from those which should remain unblemished.

It can be used on any floor that is smooth and clean, and will not peel off easily, providing peace of mind every time.

It doesn’t even need to be used exclusively on floors – you can also use this tape to clearly mark document displays in schools and libraries, for ease of use.

Whatever you require from this tape, its easy application and removal makes it the obvious choice for a wide variety of situations.

There are many reasons to use floor marking tape for your business, and it is especially helpful if that tape can withstand the test of daily use. You can pick up a range of floor marking tape with us and keep important areas segregated easily, with clear delineation for workers and civilians alike.

Available in the standard and anti-slip variety, in the full range of colours you need, this floor marking tape helps you to do your job without worrying, wherever you are.

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