New, Highly Visual Systems For Workplace Messaging

Clear and unmissable communications are vital in any workplace, including accessible notice boards and reference documents. It is information to keep staff safe, productive and focused on operational priorities. So, what’s new? Introducing, highly visual systems for workplace messaging.

Public sector organisations, industry and commerce all still rely heavily on the printed word. There really is no adequate replacement for workplace noticeboards or for hard copies of paperwork mounted so they can be quickly used for reference and recording purposes.

The trick is to avoid this information being overlooked in your workplace. You also need to display it in a way that protects it from constant damage. Even in offices, information displays can be the subject of both accidental and deliberate destruction or defacement. In warehouses and factories, documents and notice boards also have to cope with environmental factors. Have you ever tried writing inspection updates on damp paper?

Fortunately, the designers of commercial display products have taken these issues into account by formulating highly visual systems for workplace messaging. There are new ways to display documents and messages in your workplace, to keep them readable, durable and hard to miss.

This article explores some of the best innovations in workplace communication systems.

Modulean Shadow Boards


Modulean Shadow Boards

Modulean Shadow Boards for your factory floor, office, warehouse or depot.


Shadow boards are a creative, high impact way to signal important workplace information but can also include panels to physically mount equipment needed for everyday maintenance and safety.

Beaverswood is a Modulean Shadow Boards supplier because these products are versatile but also sturdy. You can mix and match to get the right configuration for your factory floor, office, warehouse or depot. That includes adding in clear and highly visible graphics noticeboards, and magnetic wipe-clean boards for temporary information. They provide modules suitable for displaying dry or wet maintenance equipment – with even a pull-down paper towel dispenser. You can opt for a First Aid notice board and equipment holder, or an eyewash and accident station.

It basically means that your business or public building can have all its vital equipment and information neatly stored and accessible, both at the same time.

Modulean Lite


Modulean lite

Modulean lite – Wall mounted, free-standing and mobile solution.

We are also an online supplier of Modulean Lite, a more recent addition to this excellent range of display boards. This smaller version is ideal for more compact work areas, or to focus on one safety or operational message. For example, it can be used as the best way to mount fire extinguishers and instructions, to display first aid boxes or as a system to hold critical waste disposal tools and guidance.

Like the full-scale notice and equipment shadow boards, Modulean Lite can be wall-mounted. However, it can also be a free-standing and mobile solution, so you can relocate important workplace information and equipment to wherever it’s needed.

Coloured Self Adhesive Document Pockets


Coloured Self Adhesive Document Pockets - a Visual systems for workplace messaging

A robust document wallets that can be stuck firmly to different surfaces

When space is tight – or you need to disperse information and reporting systems across a lot of locations – this is a simple but effective display option. You can buy coloured, adhesive document wallets in small numbers or bulk, to match your specific workplace notice needs.

These robust document wallets that can be stuck firmly to different surfaces. They also support colour coded business messaging. For example, red for important safety information or inspection files, green for first aid documents and notices, and yellow for operational materials and assessment forms.

Your everyday business information will be close to hand, easy to see but shielded by a strong plastic cover.

More versatile display options

Beaverswood offers more great ideas for displaying information, reports and equipment in your premises, including Styrene Hanging Pockets for documents on trolleys and racks, ring binders you can wall mount, Frames4Windows and magnetic wrap-around pockets. You can even buy weather-resistant document wallets online, from us.

We only stock workplace display systems that are robust products, designed to be seen but also to stand up well to constant use.

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