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How Magnetic Frames Can Help Your Workplace’s Productivity

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In your workspace, it is important to do anything you can to improve productivity and employee confidence. Here, we will discuss how you can use magnetic frames to help workspace productivity.

What are magnetic frames?

boards4frames - Notice boards with document display

Magnetic frames are a great way to store and view documentation. These frames are colour coded to allow you to display important documents clearly, so that employees (and/or customers and visitors) can easily see the necessary information. The frames can be easily attached to any steel/metallic surface without the need for any inconvenient adhesives or nails that may not be suitable in some environments. Your surfaces remain undamaged while your documents are displayed. You can easily insert documents into the frame without moving it – however, the frames can be simply lifted and relocated if necessary.

The range

There is a magnetic frame for every type of document and every type of business. Whether you want to protect important signage in a library or fire safety instructions in an office, there is a suitable frame for any area. Available in A2, A3, A4, and A5 to suit your document size, you can also choose from black, blue, green, red, and yellow, so the frame will work for colour-coded areas and information – for example, red for fire safety notices.

Protect important documentation

Having loose documentation in a working environment is not ideal, especially when it comes to documents that must be displayed for compliance purposes. Papers can become damaged, torn, or fall away from where you place them – and they are hard to stick down to the surfaces you might find in a factory or other hands-on working environment. If you work somewhere rented, you may not want to damage the walls with nails and pins, but you still need to display your documents.

Even if they are laminated, important documents can become damaged and lost, and may be hard to affix to walls. Magnetic frames can keep documents safe, even in less than ideal conditions.

Ease of access

Because the magnetic frame can be attached to any steel surface, the information is easily accessible to all employees. This means that documentation is in clear view so that anyone can see it whenever they need it – this is especially useful if the magnetic frame contains instructions on how to carry out a certain job. This can mean that new employees require less hands-on training, as they can see the information they need at all times. This can provide greater clarity and quicker training, resulting in better productivity. Your team will be fully equipped to do their jobs at all times.

Creating trust and productivity

Using magnetic frames for organisation

Magnetic frames can not only help you to become more compliant by helping you to keep important documentation displayed at all times, but they can also help your workforce to feel more trusted. If employees are left to work with clear instructions, they take their learning into their own hands and will be more enthusiastic. Not having to ask for instructions saves time and money on training – resulting in a happier and more productive workforce, no matter what the task at hand is.

Keep your team in the know

The best thing about magnetic frames is that you can change the documentation as and when you need it. In some fields, information can change quickly! Should you experience a change in your staff, with new employees joining, or alterations in the protocol, it is easy to replace and update the information as needed, without needing to get new frames. This can be especially useful for fire safety or first aider notices, or any signs where the staff members or their contact information may change. This can save both time and money in fully replacing the frames.

As we have seen, magnetic frames are the perfect way to create a more productive workspace, as well as improving the overall organisation of your environment and aiding in compliance. Important documentation is both highlighted and protected, allowing your employees to complete their tasks more quickly and easily.

If you would like to improve your own workplace using magnetic frames, then get in touch with Beaverswood for a personalised quote on kitting out your workplace to increase productivity.

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