Protect Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

How To Protect Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

As the UK green revolution gathers pace, many companies are considering the steps involved in planning, specifying and then protecting EV charging stations. How can you protect electric vehicle charging bays?

The Government’s ten-point plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’ in Britain is backed by £12 billion of investment. It includes a wholesale switch to electric vehicles and the current aim is to stop the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030.

To accelerate and support this ‘drive’, £1.3 billion of funding has been earmarked to create a nationwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Siting and supporting charging bays in workplaces

Naturally, companies which operate fleets – or which have large staff or visitor car parks – will be keen to be at the front of the queue for EV charge point funding! However, even small organisations will need to provide access to at least one electric vehicle charging bay.

The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a source of excellent information on EV charging station grants, and there is application assistance online.

Fortunately, companies which supply the tech needed are plentiful. They can help employers and public bodies to choose the best locations for this complex equipment. As well as providing assistance in tackling issues such as DNO and safety requirements, and planning regulations.

What else do you need, to optimise electric vehicle charging bays on commercial premises, public highways or within company car parks? Beaverswood has two ingenious products to help you protect electric vehicle charging bays.

Make your EV charging stations easy to see

electric charging stencil

Once your equipment is in situ, you will have three main priorities.

Firstly, to protect it from damage and avoid interruptions in this essential service. Secondly, you will want to help drivers locate and use EV charging points swiftly and with no hassle.

However, making sure that electric car drivers locate your charging points quickly is not just about keeping things running smoothly. It also avoids them blocking access to other vehicles and creating traffic safety risks. Especially on sites where LGV and HGV are constantly on the move, or you have pedestrians to consider too.

Floor level graphics for EV charging bays

One of the best ways to safeguard an expensive EV charging station is to make your locational signage 100% clear and impossible to miss! This is not always easy as the bay will be on public roads, within sites where commercial vehicle operate or tucked away at busy car parks!

Putting your signage at ground level can be the ideal solution, for any location, to protect electric vehicle charging bays.

Beaverswood has put together everything you need to mark out EV charging bays in one handy product. Including a stencil to create a universally recognised graphic, high-performance outdoor paint that works well on multiple surfaces and a no-mess paint applicator.

The paints in our electric vehicle charging stencil kit are red, yellow or white, so you can colour code the graphic.

You can also buy the 600mm x 600mm EV charging point graphic stencil on its own.

If you want a made to order stencil (to vary the dimensions) or an EV charging bay graphic as part of a consignment of other traffic management stencils, we would be happy to quote for a bespoke order.

Flexible Delineators

Flexi delineator posts

Having found the best method to mark out EV charging stations, the next consideration is a system to guide vehicles to them smoothly, minimising any potential for impact with pedestrians, other drivers or on-site structures.

Our flexible delineator range is perfect for this, not least as it can be installed quickly and securely on tarmac or concrete surfaces.

Just like many other traffic management products we sell, this range features high vis polyurethane. Making the posts remarkably durable and weather resistant, and able to flex and bend when a driver misjudges distances. They even spring back into shape when a vehicle drives over them!

The aim though is to make your EV charge bay easy to manoeuvre into, using the delineator posts and chains as a logical guide.

Sign of the times

Like many of the high-quality workplace signage and safety aids we sell, both of the above are low-cost solutions.

However, they are an important way to mark out EV charging bays to protect your investment and make accessing your charging stations a streamlined process.

To discuss more bright ideas to make your premises a better protected and productive work environment, please get in touch.