It is Beaverswood’s policy to continually strive to bring innovative new products to the marketplace.
Over the last few years’ we have launched new products such as our waste segregation sack called racksack®.

The racksack® is a large recycling waste disposal bag designed for warehouse use.
These sacks easily attach to the end of warehouse racking making recycling cardboard, paper and plastics more convenient. 

The racksack® comes in three different colours, green, blue and clear. Beaverswood provide a range
of colours to help warehouse users distribute their recycling into more refined categories.

We have now added to the waste recycling range by adding trolleysack®, as the names suggest our trolley sack fits over
the handles of trolleys (up to 580mm wide) making waste segregation mobile and more accessible through the workspace.

We also have our rollcagesack® fitting onto roll containers (up to 800mm wide). 

Labelling and Identification

Colour now plays an important role in labelling and identification across the workplace, with this in mind
Beaverswood have expanded their core range. Offering coloured options on many of the product ranges
such as..

Our coloured document pockets come in a range of different adhesives such a magnetic, tie on and wrap around
for all surface mediums.

New products

Two of our newest products are the..

Both of these visual aids have been designed to show the user the stock level that is available on the shelf
without having to view the products, particularly on high level beams and other tall workplace equipment.

Beaverswood have also expanded their document pocket range to include..

Both products enable quick and easy notice display for any surface medium.

Another new document based product Beaverswood are offering is the Ring binders for walls.
These can be ordered in two different types of adhesive, either magnetic or self-adhesive. These ring binder holders come in a variant of 2 or 4 rings.

New products in our colour range

We can now also offer laminated full colour racking shelf information labels that include barcodes.
One new product into the coloured range is the Frames4floorswhich are tough flat colour coded floor
identification frames, these are ideal for identifying bulk stack/pallet locations on the floor.

Our expertise

Beaverswood have been manufacturing labelling and identification products for over 30 years and whilst
the standard product range covers most applications sometimes a standard off-shelf product just won’t do.

This is where our expertise comes into play and our dedicated staff love the challenge to find solutions
to your problems.

Call to discuss your requirements, we will support you throughout the process ensuring every detail
and option is covered to suit your own specific needs.

Every situation is different and our knowledge built up over the years ensures we have a vast amount
of design and concept ideas that will help you achieve your goal.

Racksack Warehouse Recycling - one of our innovative products
Ticket pouches on warehouse racking - one of our innovative products
Floor identification labels
Warehouse label slider