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Introducing Visuclean: The Anti-Microbial Adhesive Vinyl

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Stick with us, as we’re about to explain an innovative product that can make infection control and surface cleanliness much easier in UK workplaces. We’re excited to unveil the new Visuclean range of adhesive vinyl.

Awareness of the need to manage workplace hygiene has never been higher.

Every company must be constantly alert to the best processes and products to maintain cleanliness, to a microscopic level.

There are very few employers with deep enough pockets to organise constant deep cleans or to invest in high-tech cleaning solutions though! Fortunately, innovative manufacturers have risen to the challenge, with a deceptively simple but utterly ingenious solution.

Beaverwood is delighted to introduce you to its new range of products, fresh to the market. Visuclean is an easy to apply self-adhesive vinyl that can be used for contamination control right across your premise and even on equipment!

In this article we explain ‘What is anti-microbial adhesive vinyl?’ and how can this versatile range be used to manage the cross infection and workplace cleaning?

How Visuclean works

Pallet truck handles film

This product is fundamentally a new covering option for diverse surfaces and situations. As the vinyl is permeated with chemicals that inhibit the growth of microbes, it can keep surfaces cleaner, longer.

One of the advantages of using Visuclean in your workplace is that it limits the transfer of micro-organisms when used in places people constantly touch.

It’s totally safe. The products manufacture and components are quality assured, and Visuclean matches international standards established by ISO 22196: 2011. The new range of covering materials also follows the Regulation of the European Parliament No. 852/2004.

Will this help stop Coronavirus transmission in workplaces?

COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place for some time, including the use of masks and workplace hand cleansing stations. Employers also need to find ways of keeping surfaces free of virus deposits.

Tests on Visuclean have indicated it provides an important weapon against viral activity on surfaces, including Coronavirus and Listeria.

How long does Visuclean work for?

This is a new innovation in workplace infection control and safety. However, there is strong evidence that when you put down a layer of Visuclean it remains effective in inhibiting bacteria and viruses for up to 12 months!

Then, you simply replace this cost-effective surface protector and renew your infection control.

Is it always clear vinyl for infection control?

Visuclean comes in various designs, so you can specify the best infection limiting adhesive vinyl for your needs. This includes clear options, ideal to create an invisible barrier on office or reception surfaces.

The standard Visuclean product has a printed overlay, to draw attention to its role in keeping surfaces safe and hygienic. However, you can simply request unprinted qualities of this ingenious product.

Where can you use Visuclean vinyl?

Protective film for doors

The team at Beaverswood are particularly excited about how versatile this new product is. It gives our customers countless ways to protect surfaces (and therefore people). Especially equipment and areas likely to be touched by multiple people during the normal working day.

To give you just a few examples of where semi-permanent Visuclean vinyl can be applied, there are products in the range ideally crafted for doors, trolley handles and countertops. You can also use this adhesive vinyl on lift buttons, floors, walls and tables.

Hot desking safety just became far more assured too, as you can create a smooth surface on all types of workstations, without damaging the structure’s top layer.

The trick is to make sure you are specifying this innovative infection control product in the correct size and orientation for specialist applications, like the handles on warehouse equipment.

However, as we can offer made to order sizes of anti-microbial adhesive vinyl, it can be used anywhere, in any type of premises!

How quickly can I get this innovation in workplace infection management?

We expect demand to be high, for such a versatile and far-reaching method of controlling cross-contamination and the growth of micro-organisms.

Particularly as every workplace in the UK will have somewhere that multiple people touch, which presents a deep cleaning challenge.

So, order soon!

Currently, we can supply Visuclean within 2-3 days. It comes in packs of ten and we would be delighted to ship an initial pack for you to experiment with before you place a bulk order for anti-microbial adhesive vinyl.

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