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Magnetic Letters Vs Self-Adhesive Letters: What’s Best?

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Whilst to many what labels to choose seems like a minor part of your business, using clearly visible and informative labelling is an important part of day-to-day efficiency and productivity. To save you time in buying the right labels, here is a quick guide to help you decide whether magnetic letters or self-adhesive letters are the best match for you and your workplace.

Why Do I Need Labels at All?

Clear label and numbering systems are an essential part of workplace running. Labels can be some of the most efficient ways to communicate with your employees in a large workplace, and serve as great reminders for people. Labels can also affect the health and safety of your employees. Here are some more ways that magnetic letters and self-adhesive letters can help you to improve your workplace environment.


Warehouses, for example, need to clearly identify the products they are storing, plus mark out any storage areas. Unclear labelling systems can lead to anything from a client receiving the wrong order, to a contamination of hazardous chemicals. 

Not to mention, easily visible labels can help to improve the speed and efficiency of workers, and prevent them from straining their eyesight on a daily basis. 

Labels are also often used to warn people of dangerous hazards in their workplace, or to remind people of safety procedures and rules. Using ineffective labelling can mean that you are putting your workers health and safety at risk. 

Waste Disposal

Clearly labelled bins make a large statistical difference to whether or not people recycle. If people don’t know how to organise their waste, the majority of waste will end up in landfill. This not only affects your eco footprint, but could also affect your bottom line, due to the cost efficiency of recycling produce. 


A well organised office can increase productivity, and decrease the levels of stress, creating a more positive work environment. Not to mention that searching for those long lost files eats away at your time, and can make your workplace seem inefficient and unprofessional to clients. 

Clearly labelled offices mean that your employees can spend more time working, and less time filing and organising. 

Magnetic Letters Vs Self-adhesive Letters

So what type of letter and number labels should you use? Here are the benefits to both magnetic letters and self-adhesive letters to help you decide which is best for you.

Magnetic Letters

Benefits of Magnetic Letters

Magnetic numbers and letters are an efficient way of labelling your workplace, especially if you have a lot of moving parts in your business. Magnetic letters are labels that attach to any steel surface, making them perfect for warehouse environments with lots of steel racking and shelving. This makes implementing any labelling system fast and easy, minimising the amount of time it takes to organise shelving. 

Magnetic letters are reusable, which makes them perfect for warehouses that have a lot of changes in stock.  The ability to  easily reorganise or move magnetic letters means they are great for labelling temporary storage. 

If you’re unsure of where your labels would be most effective, the  ability to easily move or change magnetic labels allows you to test out different labelling systems easily. This is especially useful if you are implementing something new, such as new sorting bins for recycling.

Benefits of Self-adhesive Letters

Don’t have any steel surfaces in your workplace? No problem. Self adhesive numbers and letters can be applied to any surface. This makes them much more suitable for office use, or warehouses that have wooden shelving. It also means that you can place any safety procedures or hazards warnings in the most visible spot, no matter what the surface you want to label is made out of. 

Although the self adhesive letters are not reusable, they can be easily removed. The self-adhesive letters have a clean peel which leaves no residue, ensuring that you can remove old labels and replace them with new ones without any fuss. 

The self adhesive backing means the letters are easy to use, you don’t need any letter pockets, or sellotape, which makes for easy application.

Overall, taking the time to consider which labels you need in your workplace could benefit your business by increasing people’s productivity and ensuring a safe, clean and positive working environment.

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