Easy Ways to Implement Modulean Shadow Boards in The Workplace

We believe the Multi-purpose Modulean Shadow Boards are a workplace must-have. They organise equipment, deliver key information and flag-up missing tools. Which is why we want to discuss these easy ways to implement a Modulean Shadow Board in the workplace.

Workplace innovations always deserve consideration. Particularly ones that serve multiple purposes, ticking off neatness, safety and communications. We are talking about Modulean shadow boards, a creative and versatile way to organise tools and smaller pieces of equipment or to display vital business information.

Beaverswood is a supplier of Modulean Shadow Boards both in standard and bespoke formats. Either is simply genius. Some even come with the essential workplace tools, like fire extinguishers, ready to attach.

What is a workplace shadow board?

Modulean Shadow Boards in a warehouse



The basic concept of a shadow board is a system to store tools and smaller pieces of essential workplace equipment or to display physical information and monitoring system. They are quick to erect and can be moved easily – whether they are free-standing or wall-mounted.

The core boards can include ‘shadows’ to show where an item should be hooked or stuck. So your team can quickly slot tools and equipment into a logical and tidy place. Of course, Modulean Shadow Boards are also great for flagging up when something is NOT there too. You can see at a glance that a key item is either in use or missing.

Another advantage of Modulean Shadow Boards is that both standard panels and made to order boards can display essential information. Or include wipe-clean notice boards or pockets for report and evaluation documents.

As an illustration, Modulean Shadow Boards are the ideal First Aid point. Your kit is hung in plain sight, with instructions on what to do in an emergency. A wipe-clean board or document pocket to chart kit inspections and your accident-free record could also be included.

Assigning a role for Modulean Shadow Boards

SHB009 Eyewash and Accident on a Modulean Shadow Board

You can decide how to use this versatile storage and information system to improve your safety, communication and even productivity.

For example, you could use Modulean Shadow Boards to hold your cleaning equipment, alongside a running tally of inspections and tasks. This is a great way to carry out your COVID-19 infection control activities. All your hygiene materials and reporting system will be stored in one place, easily accessible and clear to see.

The shadow board concept is also a brilliant way to manage COVID-19 awareness and hand cleaning stations for staff and visitors. Reminders about social distancing, masks and handwashing could be displayed alongside board mounted hand gel dispensers.

Alternatively, in a busy office environment or meeting room, you can use Modulean Shadow Boards to hold business targets, sales forecasts, open orders, workplace policies or any other business intelligence that staff need to see daily. Everything in one reference point, ready to be updated or switched around as your needs change.

In high-risk workplaces, a Modulean Shadow Board system could store emergency equipment such as eye baths, burns kits or a biohazard kit. All neatly mounted with important safety information.

Design options for Shadow Boards

Modulean Shadow Boards in an office setting

Once you have mapped out a business priority the next step is to decide specific elements to include. Starting with whether you need a free-standing or wall-mounted system and the best size for your aims. Keep in mind Modulean Lite is a compact shadow board option for tighter spaces.

When building up your shadow board system, baseboards can be specified in blue, green, red and yellow, depending on what your communication or storage aims are. So, red boards for safety equipment for example.

The Beaverswood Modulean Shadow Boards range then offers a mix and match opportunity. It could include, for instance, headers, a notice board, magnetic wipe-clean board, and wet or dry report boards. We are also a supplier of Modulean frames4docs, Rainbow Pockets and other Modulean accessories to kit out your system.

Some boards include the equipment they are designed to store and display, such as a 1-kilo powder fire extinguisher, fire blanket and battery-operated fire alarm for your Fire Safety board. We also sell a coronavirus infection control board that comes equipped with a foam hand sanitiser dispenser, alcohol-free hand/surface wipes, and hand moisturising cream dispenser.

Now that is a neat solution!

Ready to get creative with Modulean Shadow Boards?

Our website shows the standard options within this clever storage and information range. You can also commission boards in diverse configurations and to hold any tools, equipment and information you need upfront and central in your workplace.

When designing your Modulean Shadow Boards to match your business needs, contact Beaverswood so we can find the perfect solution together.