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MODULEAN™ – Without A Shadow Of A Doubt


MODULEAN™ Shadow Boards offer a unique modular system, with stand-out design and practicality.

Focused on easily accessible items which are simple to use – the silhouette on the boards encourages users to return the items once finished.

Ideal in a number of different environments, from offices and schools to warehouses and retail.

Read on to find out more…

5s 5 s Lean system sort set in order shine standardise sustain safety modulean shadow boards logo
MODULEAN™ modulean shadow boards logo blog 5s lean system vis comm boards

5S Lean

The goal of the Modulean™ shadow boards is to improve the maintenance of the environment using the 5S lean system.

What is 5S? 5S represents Japanese words that describe the steps of a workplace organisation process, the Japanese words include: seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke – These have been translated as “Sort”, “Set In Order”, “Shine”, “Standardise” and “Sustain”.

Each “S” represents one part of a five-step process that can improve the overall function and safety of a business. Some might argue that “Safety” is the sixth step; 6S!

Over time, the 5S system has many benefits, including:

• Reduced costs

• Increased productivity

• Greater employee satisfaction

• A safer work environment

Board Designs

The Modulean™ boards are currently available in 7 designs:

Board 1 – 5S Information Board is a general information board for 5S and lean management with an A3 black frame for your own notice

Board 2 – Notice Board consists of 4 x black A4 frames for your own A4 inserts

Board 3 – Magnetic Easy Wipe Board  is a blank white board with a dry wipe write on surface

Board 4  Cleaning Board Dry is for dry cleaning – consisting of a black dustpan and brush with a coloured band matching the board colour of your choice (Blue, Green, Red or Yellow)

Board 5 – Cleaning Board Wet consists of a centre pull dispenser and space for a cleaner bottle of your choice (paper towels and cleaner bottle not included)

Board 6 – Cleaning Board XL consists of 2 connected boards with a mop, brush bucket and ‘A’ frame floor sign, with an A4 yellow and black chevron frame to insert your own warning information. Supplied with a coloured band matching the board colour of your choice (Blue, Green, Red or Yellow)

Board 7 – First Aid Board consists of a wall-bracketed medium first aid kit (with contents for 11-20 people) with an A4 black frame for your own first aid sign

MODULEAN Shadow Boards

5s shadow boards full range display modulean modulean™

Each board is 750mm square which allows for multiple boards to be placed together. Supplied with fixings and a black title panel which allows you to insert your own printed header for the board.


A great example of the modularity of the shadow boards would be combining the Dry and Wet Cleaning Boards with the XL Cleaning Board to create a professional cleaning station. Offering a complete maintenance framework for constant shine!

How to maintain your workspaces might seem clear, but it’s important to show employees which cleaning tools to use, where cleaning materials are stored, and how to clean equipment properly, particularly if it’s equipment or surfaces that could be easily damaged. To help support 5S practices, make sure all employees receive adequate training about their designated area’s 5S procedures.

Professional Cleaning Station

5s shadow boards display modulean modulean™ cleaning station janitor toilet maintenance cleaning boards

 Vis Comm Boards

Vis Comm Boards are a part of the Modulean™ system and fall under the safety and standardise modules – they include the 5S Information Board, the Notice Board and the Magnetic Easy Wipe Board. These three boards are designed specifically to display important information to employees. The Easy Wipe Board has the additional benefit of having a magnetic receptive surface, as well an easy wipe gloss finish.

modulean 5s 5S lean information board a3 frame insert what is 5s system? shadow boards vis comm boards

5s lean notice board 4 A4 frames 4 docs modulean shadow board vis comm board

modulean 5s lean system easy wipe magnetic whiteboard shadow boards vis comm boards

modulean 5s lean shadow boards office meeting room notice board easy wipe magnetic board 5s lean system explained vis comm boards


Having exhibited MODULEAN™ to great feedback at the International Material Handling Exhibition, hundreds of visitors were keen to implement the boards in their own workspaces. The proudly displayed Modulean™ stand allowed special guests to see the quality and benefits of the modular system.
There are already intentions to expand the range with new shadow board ideas and designs being suggested daily! This reaffirms the fact that this is an innovative product that has the opportunity to keep evolving.

.modulean MODULEAN 5s lean stand exhibit IMHX international material handling exhibition shadow boards display


Modulean™ has taken away the need (and the headache!) for custom-built shadow boards, by creating a range of boards that are widely used across the workplace, removing a great deal of expense and time that is associated with purchasing other shadow boards. These simple-to-store, simple-to-transport and simple-to-install boards are available in a standard range that covers the full spectrum of the 5S lean process – sure to fulfil any company’s requirements of a shadow board.

Modulean™ is pioneering – without a shadow of a doubt.