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MODULEAN™ – Without A Shadow Of A Doubt

  MODULEAN™ Shadow Boards offer a unique modular system, with stand-out design and practicality. Focused on easily accessible items which are simple to use – the silhouette on the boards encourages users to return the items once finished. Ideal in a number of different environments, from offices and schools to warehouses and retail. Read on … Continued

5 reasons why your warehouse should use the racksack®

5 reasons why your warehouse should use the racksack® Have you heard of the racksack®? Taking warehouses by storm across Europe and the UK, it seems to be the ‘must-have’ investment for the industrial workplace right now. Here are five reasons why so many companies have bought into the racksack® system.   It’s the easiest … Continued

10 Simple Tips For A More Productive Warehouse

Warehouse managers are always looking for ways to work smarter, leaner and more efficiently. Here are some simple tips to make life easier for everyone in the workplace. 1. Free up space for your waste and recycling – Waste is inevitable in the warehouse. The racksack® is the perfect solution to your warehouse-waste-woes. Easily hung … Continued

New racksack designs coming soon

  Coming Soon!!!   The racksack range of products continues to grow to match their demand – we are giving you a sneek peak of new designs that will be launched shortly. These new designs feature symbols only rather then a generic recycling symbol and text. For further details of these new waste management recycling … Continued

New additions to Graphic Floor Markers

  The range of high visibility floor graphic markers continues to increase as Beaverswood are pleased to introduce 3 NEW designs into their standard range, which now has an impressive 38 different designs.                 Need something different? – Well no problem simply call the sales team or email … Continued

Magnetic Label Holders

Large and small Flexible Magnetic label holders Whether it be large pallet racking beams or pigeon holes Beaverswood can supply a vast range of label holder sizes from 10mm up to 80mm high. Label holders are a vital identification tool and can be used through out the supply chain in warehousing, logistics, retail and even … Continued

Floor markers – portray your message

  Warehouse Graphic Floor Markers   Need to get that important safety message across without going to the extreme of painting your warehouse floor? Well Beaverswood have the simple and cost effective answer, by using their graphic floor markers – these highly visible markers are designed to highlight warnings or special requirements. They are suitable … Continued

Warehouse Labelling and Identification Systems

The management of any warehouse/stores needs an effective labelling and identification system, stock needs to be identified and in its rightful place in order to maximise order picking and minimise costly errors. Beaverswood can offer a one stop shop for all your warehouse labelling and identification needs. It is understood that many order pickers working … Continued

Packaging waste, recycle and segregate

Are you complying? Are you complying with the new waste regulations that actually came into force back in January 2015? To help comply Beaverswood’s range of warehouse packaging waste sacks called racksack’s can be used to either hold material for re-using or to segregate waste. The sacks are now available in a choice of Green … Continued