Office desk screens: How to make your office safe

Government guidance on COVID-19 workplace safety varies according to how closely your staff come into contact with customers and other people, including the best ways to maintain social distancing and infection control.

For office workers, the advice has pivoted mainly on enabling staff to work from home for long periods during the pandemic response.

This is not always practical. Plus, employers must install social distancing and hygiene control measures for when a return to the office is sanctioned, or for when remote workers need to temporarily re-occupy their head office or branch desks.

Fortunately, suppliers of protective screens have been quick to respond. Beaverswood offers a range of products to segregate staff and stop virus transmission, without interfering with operational needs.

Specifying social distance screens

The best virus protection screens for offices are – of course – clear. This makes sure that workstations, desks and counters are properly lit, and provides the comfort factor of not being ‘boxed off’ and out of sight.

When buying durable protective screens for offices, simplistic installation is important. As is a quality finish that enables regular cleaning of the surface. If it is easily scratched, blurred or stained, it prevents light from passing through and looks scruffy – no one wants that!

However, easy to install hygiene screens that are made of quality materials don’t need to cost a fortune. Beaverwood offers an excellent range of COVID-19 safety products, with prices kept as low as possible.

The price of protective screens is impacted by the type and size you need though. What options are there for COVID office desk screens?

Reception areas and POS counters

Non-intrusive and aesthetically smart reception desk screens can protect staff, without making them look ‘inaccessible”. As part of your customer service standards, you will no doubt want staff to greet your guests, visitors or customers efficiently and warmly, without compromising infection control.

That makes reception desk screens with a gap at the bottom ideal for completing transactions or for issuing site passes or key cards, for example.

Receptions and transaction counters can also benefit from bespoke protection screens, though Beaverswood stocks reception desk protectors 800/1200/1400/1600mm wide and 600mm high for quick delivery.

Extensions for office desk screens

If you already have dividers in your office – but need to adjust them to create additional protection for staff – can you buy desk screen extensions? The short answer is yes!

Beaverswood supplies transparent panels you can clip easily (with adjustable brackets) onto existing workstation or desk dividers. These office desk divider extensions come in various heights and sizes to make them a versatile COVID safety solution for office environments.

Moveable office desk screens

The clear Polycarbonate office segregation systems Beaverswood sells are quick to install. However, there are times when you need to be able to move your protective screens around frequently.

One great solution is to buy office floor freestanding Perspex screens. As the name indicates, you can reposition these screens in modular offices or move them to help with COVID safety during meetings, for example.

Locations for protection screens

Though the different types of office desk screens outlined above are discussed in terms of segregating office or reception staff, there are other situations they can be used for.

For example, the freestanding screens we stock and the countertop versions can be used in staff canteens, cafes and restaurants, and tabletop screens can protect people in healthcare and professional service consultation rooms.

Our freestanding clear hygiene screens work well to protect customers in beauty and hair businesses too.

You could even adapt some of these reliable hygiene screens to provide COVID-control at leisure centres, gyms, libraries and theatres.

How to maintain COVID safety in offices

If you’re not sure which category of office desk screens you need, or you want a large consignment of new protective screens to improve infection control in your workplace, please get in touch. The Beaverswood team would be pleased to help you find the best sizes and types of screens for offices, reception areas and POS counters.

Also, we can provide made-to-order office desk screens for COVID protection.