Coronavirus PPE is the personal protective equipment that will protect the user against the risks of COVID-19. Studies have shown the ability of various masks to block respiratory droplets.

For those in the construction industry, we have hard hat face shields, while we also stock disposable face masks, among other options.

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  • Protective film for doors

    Visuclean Anti-microbial Adhesive Vinyl

    • Apply to any high contact surface area
    • <...

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  • Disposable face masks

    Disposable Face Masks

    • Disposable Face Masks to protect from the nose ...
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  • Personal protection worker face mask

    Hard Hat Face Shield

    • Protects site workers
    • Highly durable material
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    Children’s Protective Face Shields

    • Protective Face Shields for school children
    • ...
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    Protective Face Shield

    • Protective Face Shields to protect the face from ...
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