Low Level Bumper Barriers

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Brandsafe Protection PAS 13 Tested Barriers

  • Flexible HDPE polymer with a foam diffuser, which deflects under impact and recovers with little or no damage
  • Tested to PAS 13 – the global benchmark in barrier safety
  • Protect structures, pedestrians, and equipment from vehicle impact damage
  • Single or double bumper options
  • Quick and easy installation – all fixings provided
  • High visibility colours clearly define safe traffic routes for MHE drivers
PAS 13 impact-rated Polymer design flexes and recovers on impact Little to no floor damage Quick and easy installation Low maintenance compared to metal barriers Fully recyclable and non-toxic Made in the UK

Low Level Bumper Barriers

Brandsafe®  low level bumper barriers offer a low maintenance solution to protect your people, equipment, and buildings without taking up too much space.

These polymer barriers are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, which requires minimal maintenance. They only need to be replaced when there’s frequent or major impacts, reducing overall maintenance costs compared to metal barriers.

Additionally, unlike metal barriers, these HDPE plastic barriers cause minimal floor damage when an impact occurs. This helps you save on maintenance costs in the long-term as there’s less need for floor repairs or replacements.

The safety barriers are available in a range of striking and high visibility colours, making them easily detectable even from a distance. This ensures that workers, forklift drivers and other MHE operators are aware of the barrier’s presence and can navigate around them safely, helping to prevent collisions and accidents before they happen.

Resetting the Bar on Impact Safety

IWS Group is resetting the bar on impact safety with their Brandsafe® PAS 13 barrier range, independently certified by TÜV Nord.

By obtaining PAS 13 accreditation, these low level bumper barriers are proven to meet strict safety standards. This guarantees their high performance, longevity, and ability to withstand greater impacts than similar products on the market.

  • Single Bumper Barrier Tested Impact Energy: 11,000J (Based on impact at 90°)
  • Double Bumper Barrier Tested Impact Energy: 14,200J (Based on impact at 90°)
  • Single Bumper Barrier Deflection: 234mm – flexes on impact and reforms shape
  • Double Bumper Barrier Deflection: 214mm – flexes on impact and reforms shape

Product Dimensions and Colours

Available as single or double bumpers, depending on the level of protection required. These bumper barriers also come in three standard lengths and two eye-catching colour combinations:

  • Single Bumper: 370mm (H) x 300mm (W)
  • Double Bumper: 670mm (H) x 300mm (W)
  • 1,900mm, 3,400mm, or 4,900mm lengths
  • Hi-Vis Yellow and Blue colour
  • Safety Yellow and Grey colour

Perfect For...

  • Property, pedestrian, asset, and equipment protection
  • Traffic segregation
  • Traffic route definition
  • Impact protection
  • Temperatures as low as -40°C


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