racksack® is the market-leading solution for waste segregation in the industrial work setting, providing a simple and cost-effective system that’s easy to implement.

This innovative family of products will help you to be compliant with the current EU & UK waste segregation legislation. Designed to save valuable floor space and to simplify what can sometimes be a complicated and laborious process, enabling you to create a sustainable tidier, safer and more productive workplace. Made from strong, durable polyester that withstands the rigours of an industrial environment.

Choose a colour

Available in two fabric colours,
blue or green.

Choose a design

Available in 18 waste segregation standard designs, plus a blank sack.

Brand your racksack

Other designs and special prints including logos are available on request.


Five International symbol-only designs

Visually communicative designs suitable for worldwide use. 

Pre-orders are available

The new clear racksack gives warehouses the transparency they need when segregating waste, as well as to enhance security measures to prevent theft. Available in 10 standard designs – 5 text designs and 5 symbol-only designs. Please ask for more details on pre-orders. 

Keep your picking areas clean and tidy as you go by fitting these recycling sacks.

Not only do you keep unwanted waste materials off the floor but you also help segregate waste. Made from tough waterproof polyester, these single or double pocket racksack® for trolleys can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment. Ideal for hooking onto handles of picking trolleys up to 580mm wide or can be secured via eyelets in other locations.

Keep your workplace neat and tidy by fitting the racksack®rollcage.

Ideal for use on 800mm wide roll containers. Made from tough waterproof polyester, large capacity twin pocket sacks can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment. 

Pre-orders are available

Organise your waste packaging materials as you go by fitting the NEW racksack®rollcageclear! The new clear material helps identify when incorrect waste has been accidentally placed in the wrong segregation sack. Please ask for more details on pre-orders.