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Benefits of Using Secure Document Holders

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Every workplace has essential documents which need to be kept secure to keep you safe and compliant. In this article, we will explore the top five benefits of using secure document holders for your most important paperwork.

Comply with safety standards

There are some documents that are required to be displayed in every workplace to comply with the law. These may be documents relating to fire safety such as instructions about what to do in case of a fire, who the fire marshals are, and where employees should gather.

By using a document holder, you can protect the document both inside and outside the building, and make it easier to affix to any given surface without ripping or tearing. You will not have to keep checking to see if your document is still where you left it – it will be fully protected and easy for employees to spot.

Secure Document Holders Bring Increased visibility for workers

Coloured Document Pockets – Tie On

arrow tag doc pockets

In some workplaces, it is necessary for documents to be displayed. The documents may be related to the use of cages and pallets for deliveries. These must be displayed for accurate delivery, and with wrap-around pockets, you can provide a place for these to be displayed at all times.

There are other situations where documents or work needs to be highly visible to those in the workplace, such as guidance and signage. When you use these hard-wearing pockets to protect your documents, you can be sure that they will remain legible in any weather.

Save on reprinting

Small costs add up. When you spend a little money every day on unnecessary printing, it could soon be a bigger cost than you realise. Documents that are left loose, or taped directly to the wall, can become damaged or lost easily inside, and cannot be placed outside at all for any length of time in case of rain.

When you place your document inside a protective cover, you are ensuring that you will need to reprint it less, saving you both money and time – not to mention worries.

Great for on and off-site visits

Weatherproof Pockets

Weatherproof secure document holders

If your company conducts a lot of work outside or off-site visits, you may find yourself hunching over documents trying to keep the rain off them. When you slide your documents inside weather-resistant wallets, doing your job suddenly becomes that much easier.

Whatever kind of work you do, having the flexibility to take it outside in any weather is hugely beneficial, and document pockets are the perfect choice for maps, a range of documents and sketches. You can still access everything you need, and keep it safe at the same time.

Cover workplace insurance by displaying documents

Document Window Displays

frames4windows adhesive window document pocket - one of our secure document holders

There are some documents that are not related to employee safety directly, but which you need to display in order to comply with your workplace insurance requirements. One of these is the employers’ liability insurance certificate. This document comes from your insurer and discloses to everyone that your company is covered by employers’ liability insurance. It will also clearly display the level of your cover and who your insurer is.

As a company, you are legally bound to display the employers’ liability insurance certificate in order for your employees to be able to see it. But it may be difficult to keep it visible and safe – unless you protect it with a secure document holder. Some secure document holders are magnetic, making them easy to affix to a range of surfaces or even self-adhesive for even more flexibility.

This is an easy way to ensure that you are complying with the requirements of your insurance policy, and showing your employees that you are fully transparent with them.

As you can see, protecting your documents can help both your company and your staff in a range of different ways. From remaining fully compliant to making savings on reprinting and helping to keep your insurance covered, displaying your documents safely and correctly is essential.

Are you ready to keep your documents safe in the best way possible? Get in touch with Beaverswood for advice on setting up secure document holders in your workplace – we have some top quality solutions for keeping your documents safe in a range of fantastic folders.

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