Shadow Board Solutions: 5 Safety Options For Your Workplace

There are some vital components of every workplace that often get sidelined or hidden from view. Here, we will look at how you can use shadow board solutions to benefit your workplace and display important materials.

1. First Aid Board

Modulean Lite First Aid Station Kit Shadow Board Green

Accidents happen everywhere, and the workplace can be one of the places where first aid is needed most of all. Even if you have your fully trained first aiders on staff, it can be hard to know where your first aid boxes are in an emergency. At this time more than ever, clarity and ease are vitally important.

With first aid shadow board solutions, your needs will be met in a way that everyone in the workplace can access easily, whether they are trained in first aid or not.

These boards can be easily set up in common areas around your building and come complete with a medium first aid kit suitable for between eleven and twenty people and an A4 black frame where you can keep your own first-aid insert. This can be used to inform people who your trained first aiders are, where they are located, and other handy information.

2. Dry Cleaning Board

Many office spaces or other places of work have cleaners, but sometimes we need to clean up as we go. Whether for your administration staff or your cleaning staff, a dry cleaning shadow board is a good way to have cleaning supplies on hand throughout the building.

Supplied with a coloured band that will correlate to your choice of board, each dry cleaning board comes with a black dustpan and brush. These are must-haves for those little accidents, or just having a convenient way for cleaners to get those last little spots as they sanitise your workplace.

3. Fire Safety Board

Modulean Lite Fire Safety Shadow Board Red

The importance of fire safety cannot be overstated. Not only does having the correct information on display keep everybody educated and safe, but it is also a legal requirement in office spaces. This can also be an important requirement of your building insurance as a business owner.

However, often fire safety information and fire essentials are placed in kitchens where no one thinks to look at them. You can set up a much clearer alternative with a shadow board that comes with a one-kilo powder fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and a fire alarm. This is an excellent way to set up a clear fire safety station in your office or warehouse environment and works especially well in open-plan spaces.

4. Hand sanitiser board

SHB008 Shadowboard

Keeping hand sanitiser in a visible and easily accessible location has become more important than ever in the past twelve months. Now, it is expected that workplaces will provide employees with plenty of opportunities to sanitise their hands and encourage them to do so as frequently as possible.

If you are struggling with how to encourage your staff members to sanitise, hand sanitiser shadow board solutions could be the answer. Unobtrusive within your office space, this board is ideal for reception areas, offices and common areas, as well as a range of other locations such as warehouses and schools.

This board comes with a range of essentials for sanitisation, including foam hand sanitiser dispenser and alcohol-free hand and surface wipes. If your employees have been bemoaning cracked hands, there is even a moisturising cream dispenser to help keep hands protected from germs and undamaged by regular washing and sanitising.

5. Notice Board

Modulean Lite Notice Board with Frames Shadow Board Red

General notices can end up stuck all over the walls in offices. This can lead to damage to the walls, not to mention that many staff members will pass these notices by – both personal and essential professional information – without a second glance.

Using a shadow board as a notice board in a communal area is an excellent way to have a central hub for notices. This board comes with four black A4 frames suitable for high priority notices to be placed clearly in an area that most staff frequent – such as a reception or lunchroom. Never have important information missed by staff again!

Shadow board solutions are a fantastic way to incorporate safety and information stations into your workplace in a way that draws attention and provides clarity for staff. Get in touch with Beaverswood if you require any help setting up your boards in the best way possible.