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The best high-visibility safety products for your warehouse

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We process visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds, according to neuroscientists¹. So, the best high-visibility safety products for warehouses should top all H&S purchase lists.

To remain H&S compliant you must be ‘seen’ to take site safety very seriously. You also need to look closely at the visual signs, signals and prompts that you give to your staff and visitors, by using the best high-visibility safety products.

Hi-vis items are important because the human eye is your first line of defence against workplace hazards. This is why clothing with fluorescent panels or strips is such a crucial part of site safety in many places.

A flash of bright colour can prevent accidents and save lives. Particularly when it’s yellow, the universally accepted colour to indicate a need for caution.

Sometimes it’s the design and positioning of safety signs, floor markings, bollards and visual aids that are important too. The sort of factors that can turn an inanimate object into an important visual signal.

According to the company that invented Post-It notes (3M), the human brain can process visual references 60,000 times faster than text.

This all makes it important to find a cost-effective supplier of visual safety products, the sort of structures, fixtures and signs that communicate risks to your site uses, in a compelling and versatile way.

Especially in places like warehouses where vehicles and pedestrians need to move around seamlessly and safely!

So, what are the best high-visibility safety products for warehouses, that are also low cost and easy to instal?

Floor level communications and control

Making ground-level communication unmissable is a particular challenge in warehouses.

Site users – and off-road vehicle drivers – can become focused on structural obstacles, doorways or their destinations, overlooking floor level hazards. As well as important directional information signalled using floor marking products.

Also, as the leading cause of workplace accidents in the UK is slips, trips and falls, it’s another reason your floor is in need of the best high-visibility safety products.

Fluorescent footprint stickers are a great example of a simple ‘step in the right direction’! You can also blend bright-coloured text warning stickers with high-vis symbols and floor marking tapes, to get people moving around safely.

Unmissable safety signals for vertical surfaces

Keeping important safety information and directional guides at eye level also requires you to use lots of vertical surfaces for communication purposes. Such as clear signs that provide crucial H&S information, and safety graphics that can be applied to warehouse walls.

Even something as simple as commissioning racking bay markers and end signs in yellow (or other bright colours) can make your operations run smoother, and avoid confusion which in turn can lead to accidents.

We also supply small and highly versatile high-vis markers you can move around, as a clever stock and safety signalling system too.

Adaptable hi-vis products for warehouse layouts

Sometimes the best high-visibility safety products are the most ingenious but straightforward ones.

The perfect illustration is fluorescent column protectors for warehouses and the ever-popular metal Armco safety barriers with high-vis safety ends and corners. Easy to spot and a great site asset.

This type of unmissable safety product can be ordered in a diverse range of shapes, sizes and configurations, to fit around all the risk areas in your workplace. You can also choose from permanent, semi-permanent or moveable hi-vis fixtures that increase warehouse safety.

The key thing is, they will get their message across brilliantly!

Where to buy the best high-visibility safety products

Authentically hi-vis products for workplaces are ‘clearly’ far more effective as an accident-prevention measure. Compared to safety fixtures and signage that blend into the background.

Quality counts though, as these site safety fixtures, fittings and signs must be finished professionally and made from quality materials, so their visual impact is durable and reliable.

Specifying the best high-visibility safety products for your warehouse also means planning how to apply them to your site layout and usage properly. Including options that are only semi-permanent, so you can respond quickly to changing needs.

This all relies on finding a supplier of visually-unmissable products and good advice for site safety.

Contact us for help, quotes and a fast turnaround on the best high-visibility safety products for your warehouse.

¹ We process visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds

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