The Ultimate Checklist For Warehouse Safety

If you were starting up a new warehouse operation or updating an existing one, you would need to work your way through the HSE’s HSG76 rules on warehouse safety. Spoiler alert! These are products you will inevitably need.

The Health and Safety Executive’s warehousing and storage health and safety guide drills down on the key areas of workplace risk. Especially, manual handling/musculoskeletal disorders, slips and trips, vehicles in and around the premises, and working at height.

When you consider the number of things that could go wrong in a busy warehouse, it could give you sleepless nights.

To help you focus on the priority areas of H&S compliance, here’s a checklist of low cost, high-value products you will certainly need for warehouse safety.

Anti-Slip Tapes

Our tape rolls provide you with incredibly durable and effective anti-slip measure, for any work area prone to moisture, oil or other floor pollutants. They are a must-have in warehouses and storage areas when open apertures bring the British weather indoors. In fact, any entranceway and staircase (indoors or outside) will be safer if anti-slip tape or stair treads are used.

The combination of a highly-effective adhesive, a strong structure and diamond-hard aluminium oxide impregnated into the tape, makes sure that our tapes and treads won’t let you (or a staff member) down. Your workforce will be able to be more productive with the assurance of well-place anti-slip tapes too.

We do a clear version for discretion in reception areas, tape rolls in high-vis colours, and stair treads with warnings printed on. All helping you to prevent working place injuries.


Sometimes a simple moment of genius makes a big impact in warehouse safety! Kudos to the inventor of racksacks.

You fasten these strong, flexible sacks onto racking with S hooks or ties. Then, you have instantly moved waste management off the floor, avoiding tripping risks and taking up less space.

As they are so close to hand, racksacks make it less likely someone will take short cuts with disposing of waste materials effectively and safely, including glass.

Racksacks also enable staff to segregate rubbish quickly, in an instantly visible way. Without bending down or lifting heavy bins, so avoiding musculoskeletal pressure. Simply lift and empty as needed, before attaching the colour coded, purpose-specific racksack back to a convenient location.

These products are an excellent way to comply with EU & UK waste segregation legislation, with versions to slip on to trolleys and roll cages too.

Floor Lane Marking Tape

You could invest in substantial traffic management systems to separate your workforce and off-road vehicles such as forklift trucks. Though in many places and situations, a more low-cost solution does a great job of keeping pedestrians out of the way.

Simply put down unmissable demarcation lines, to manage the flow of people and machinery!

Our extra-wide floor lane marking tapes have the added advantage of providing a versatile warehouse safety measure. You can put them in any temporary or permanent location, to indicate areas of risk that include slippery surfaces and proximity to sensitive equipment or electrical supply for example.

Our floor marking tapes come in high-vis colours and with a durable adhesive, making them a long-lasting warning system. Though the low unit cost of tapes means you can replace them cheaply, whenever you need to.

Weight Load Notices

Just as warehouse safety tapes can be a quick, cheap way to stay H&S compliant, having the right signs in place can tick a lot of boxes in reducing workplace injuries too.

For example, we supply a range of 7 different semi-rigid weight loading notices, to swiftly attach to diverse types of racking or floors. They can be unprinted, for you to add your own wording and graphics such as a logo. Or, we can add your chosen content. Whatever you need to say, to manage proper use of racking and highlight your company’s procedures and systems.

Managing A Warehouse Safety Checklist

Even if you find a reliable supplier of the warehouse safety products on this list, there would be plenty more labels, document display materials and signage items you need. These days, buying COVID-19 safety materials adds considerably to your H&S obligations.

The best way to create a comprehensive warehouse safety checklist – and fulfil it cost-effectively – is to contact Beaverswood.