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Vital office supplies to buy for the New Year

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If your New Year’s resolution is to get your workplace better organised, it makes sense to stock up on essential office supplies now. Especially if they want to maintain a strong safety record in 2022.

Doing an audit of your current office product inventory can be an invaluable end of year exercise. Not least as you can put together a strategic office supplies purchasing schedule to start 2022 in a business-like manner.

Tallying your current stock – and sourcing office supplies – will generally focus on three areas: safety-related materials, operational aids and communications-related products.

Let’s look at how you can tick a lot of those purchasing priorities off, with one pre-Christmas shopping spree at leading office products company Beaverswood.

How to create your office supplies checklist

Apart from assessing your current stock of office products, it can be highly insightful to analyse how many items you used during 2021. Did some items run out quickly, leading to urgent office supply tasks?

Also, a risk assessment and general site review will help you to know which new and replacement safety products and informational materials you need.

You could use this traditional end of the year review period to ask staff for feedback. Do they have suggestions for new signage in 2022, or preferences for the way you communicate using documents, floor markings and traffic management products, for example? Are they happy with your existing office or operational equipment?

Out with the old and in with the new

Don’t just stick to products you buy from habit, as you may find new, improved solutions from office product manufacturers and suppliers. For example, you can specify self-adhesive document holders that can be fixed in place in a choice of ways. You don’t need bits of string, blu-tack or sticky tape!

Of course, the end of the year is a particularly good point to review any technology you use in your workplace, including IT accessories. Do you need to update keyboards, mouses, mouse mats and phones for more efficient working?

As it’s been a rather tumultuous couple of years, maybe a review of your office furniture is overdue, to make sure everything is ergonomically correct and supports any new operational patterns, such as hot-desking for remote workers.

Multi-purpose office supplies

It’s recommended that your New Year purchasing checklist includes the sort of office item that can serve a multitude of purposes – safety, operational and communication.

Take for instance document holders. They are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and handy stationery items ever!

They can be used to mount essential safety signs and notices, or operational instructions. Document holders are ideal when you need to protect and display reports and inspection sheets that will be regularly updated. As well as offering you a great way to post up news and information that’s temporary.

As they need to meet so many key purposes, storing a selection of sizes and types is wise.

Signs of importance

Floor identification materials are another product you should stock up on, to cover more than one purpose.

You can get floor stencil sets, floor tapes and applicators, vinyl stickers and anti-slip materials to make the most of ground-level communications. Risks can be managed better, and you can support staff and visitors moving around in a more seamless and productive way.

Options for adding location information to shelves, racking, pallets and even work zones are equally versatile. From simple shelf holders to unmissable aisle signs.

Safety first

The end of the year is a superb opportunity to assess specialist health and safety requirements in particular.

Office supplies in this category include desk screens, masks and shields to meet your COVID-19 safety protocols. Are you still using social distancing markers and do you need more?

Beyond that, make sure to check First Aid boxes – and consider First Aid and specialist equipment shadow boards – to start the New Year with your workplace compliant, and your staff protected.

Long list? Simple solution

Even the smallest business operation could have a considerable list of 2022 office product needs. Fortunately, you could make life much easier for yourself – and keep your costs down – by sourcing many of your office supplies from Beaverswood.

Get in touch and we can help you explore items you may have forgotten to include, and ‘call off contracts’ so you don’t have to store office products at your premises.

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