Which floor tape applicator is right for you?

Sometimes a simple gadget can save you impressive amounts of time and money. However, the humble, inexpensive floor tape applicator can also save you from a backbreaking chore.

The floor of a busy work environment can be the optimal place to put hazard indicators, directional information and traffic management signs. It was certainly a great canvas for COVID-19 social distancing messages, for instance.

The ‘downside’ of communicating at ground level though, is that putting appropriate marking materials in place can be tricky. As well as time-consuming and a pain in the …back!

Fortunately, it all becomes much easier with a floor tape applicator. This piece of equipment enables you to stand upright, and straddle your tape route, delineating swiftly and accurately.

Why is that such an ingenious purchase? Here’s the ‘low-down’ on why you should buy floor tape applicators from Beaverswood.

Use the floor to stay safe

There are HSE guidelines on the best way to manage floor-related risks. As it is such a big part of safety in warehouse environments, factories and engineering plants, for example.

This largely focuses on reducing the chance of slips, trips and falls, the UK’s primary source of accidents at work. Though keeping people away from dangers like electricity sources is a high priority too.

Marking out hazards and operational zones in workplaces becomes inexpensive and adaptable when you use a strategic combination of floor tape and vinyl signs. You can use a variety of these safety products to send unmissable warnings to pedestrians and off-road vehicle drivers, and guide warehouse operatives on best practices.

Using floor tape correctly

Floor marking tape seems a simple purchase, but it offers diverse choices and usages.

You can buy waterproof, anti-slip floor tapes to warn and control foot traffic. These adhere to multiple surfaces brilliantly and create traction even in places where there is considerable moisture or greasy residue.

Easy to spot strips of high-vis floor tape on the edge of steps or platforms are a highly effective way to maintain warehouse safety. Especially a brand that can be seen in poor light.

One of the most common ways floor tape is used is to indicate exits and entrances for fire safety management.

However, not all floor tape is solely for safety. This ground marking material is handy for directional information too. Such as showing the edges of aisles in a warehouse, to keep staff ‘on track’ or to zone special areas. All of this keeps staff moving seamlessly and can boost your productivity.

Taping large, complex work sites

As this is such a versatile way of staying H&S compliant and reducing workplace accidents, there could be multiple places to put floor markings on your premises. Including outside in car parks and bay approaches, as well as on internal floors, steps and walkways.

Also, even the best floor tape will need to be replaced at some point, not least as a risk assessment may show a new area of concern, or your field of operation could shift.

If you have a large site to cover, multiple locations to manage safety-wise, or a highly diverse range of risks to ‘tape off’ this is a big commitment of time. Unless you find a supplier of well designed warehouse floor marking equipment.

Advantages of using a floor tape applicator

A floor tape applicator can make quick work of this highly necessary task. It’s also a way of creating accurate floor markings in warehouse and manufacturing environments, indicating risks in a clear and unambiguous manner.

As the likelihood of mistakes goes down when you place floor tapes with this handy device, you are reducing wasted materials. Saving money on floor-level signage.

Also as it puts the floor tape in contact with the surface evenly and firmly, you may find your floor marking lasts longer too.

The best floor tape applicator

Are you now wondering where to buy floor tape applicators?

Beaverswood sells an inexpensive but robust version that’s smooth and easy to use. It takes floor marking tapes up to 100mm wide.

It is one of a range of versatile warehouse floor marking materials and equipment we sell. Including highly quality floor tapes and vinyl safety stickers.

All of which offer quick order responses. You could even say that when you order our floor tape applicators, you can quickly ‘hit the ground running’ with your next floor marking project.