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Become a Reseller

If you work with a network of distributors, or supply directly into warehouses, offices, supermarkets, retail, FM, or other industrial workspaces, our reseller opportunity could align with your business goals.

Business Growth with Beaverswood®

Do you want quick wins - simple products that are easy to sell and provide great value to your customers? Then tap into the rapidly growing warehouse and logistics sector by supplying warehouse ID and visual management solutions.

Best Products for Drop Shipping

Our entire Beaverswood® range is available for drop shipping, so you can forget about juggling stock and focus on what you do best - selling!

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If you're searching for good things to resell, look no further! Our range is full of high demand products that are necessity purchases for workplaces, helping to enhance safety and improve organisation.

So let's partner up and grow our businesses together!

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