Impact Protection

We’re delighted to offer an innovative range of impact protection and high-visibility safety products from market leaders Brandsafe® and Rack Armour®.

These products are designed with high-visibility colours and reflectors to reduce the chance of collisions and accidents on site, helping to save you money on otherwise costly repairs. They can be used internally and externally and are easy to affix to various locations (such as racking, columns, and more) to prevent damage and protect people from harm.

From heavy-duty safety bollards (ideal for corners, entrances and structures), to low-level bumper barriers (perfect for identifying working boundaries) – we have it all!

When it comes to industrial settings, protecting your assets and workforce is essential. One way to do this is by investing in impact protection products. Impact protection products come in various shapes and sizes, including Armco barriers, traffic bollards, column protectors, and Rack Armour® upright racking protectors.

Armco barriers are used to protect pedestrians, machinery, and structures from impact by vehicles. They're commonly used in car parks, warehouses, and other high-traffic areas to prevent accidents and damage.

Traffic bollards, on the other hand, are vertical posts that are used to control the flow of traffic and prevent collisions. They can be installed in car parks, loading bays, and other areas with high traffic.

Column protectors are designed to protect building columns and other vertical supports from damage caused by forklift trucks, pallet jacks, and other machinery. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit different column types.

Rack Armour® is designed to protect warehouse racking from damage caused by forklift trucks and other machinery. It provides a proven 80% reduction in damage levels and is available in four sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Investing in impact protection products not only protects your assets and workforce but also reduces the risk of costly downtime and repairs. By choosing the right impact protection products for your industrial setting, you can ensure a safer and more efficient workplace.