PAS 13 Polymer Safety Barrier Range

Resetting the Bar on Impact Safety

We’re delighted to offer the Brandsafe® PAS 13 barrier range, independently certified by TÜV Nord.

By obtaining PAS 13 accreditation, these polymer safety barriers are proven to meet strict safety standards. This guarantees their high performance, longevity, and ability to withstand greater impacts than similar products on the market.

The range includes pedestrian barriers, rack end barriers, low level barriers and heavy duty safety bollards.

PAS 13 is the only global code of practice that advises on the types of barriers suitable for workplace use to separate vehicles and pedestrians. It includes guidance on how safety barriers should be tested to demonstrate their resilience.

What is PAS 13?

PAS 13, which stands for Publicly Available Specification 13, is an official document produced by the British Standards Institution (BSI). It provides independent and detailed guidelines on best practices for utilising a product or process.

Specifically, PAS 13 focuses on the code of practice for industrial safety barriers. It's divided into two sections, each catering to different stakeholders. The first section targets H&S and Operations managers, offering comprehensive details on the correct application of safety barriers in busy industrial facilities. Its aim is to provide valuable guidance to ensure the proper deployment of safety barriers in order to enhance safety and optimise traffic management within these environments.

The second section of PAS 13 is primarily intended for safety barrier manufacturers. This section outlines standardised testing methods to assess the strength and durability of safety barriers. It also emphasises the importance of maintaining clear and transparent records of these tests, which can be beneficial for customers seeking reliable information.

PAS 13 holds global recognition as the only code of practice for industrial safety barriers. It serves as the most reliable source of guidance for optimising safety and improving traffic management in industrial environments. Engineers, architects, contractors, health and safety professionals, and other stakeholders involved in the design, construction, deployment, and maintenance of safety barriers are encouraged to refer to this code. It's founded on the principles of risk assessment and recommends the selection of appropriate safety barriers based on identified hazards and risks.

Adhering to PAS 13 ensures that safety barriers are effective in safeguarding individuals and assets from potential hazards, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries in industrial settings. Compliance with this code of practice plays a critical role in promoting overall safety and protection.


What Does TÜV Nord Certification Mean?

While manufacturers can carry out their own tests, their claims lack the backing of independent verification.

IWS Group, our parent company, has taken the initiative to have their testing capabilities certified by TÜV Nord, a globally esteemed independent test house. By partnering with such a reputable institution, IWS Group has ensured its Brandsafe® safety barriers are rigorously evaluated and their performance validated through an objective and reliable process.

At Beaverswood®, we prioritise transparency and trust. As such, we're delighted to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing these safety barriers have undergone thorough testing under the scrutiny of an independent authority.


Free PAS 13 webinar – watch now!

You can also watch a recording of IWS Group's webinar – 'Resetting the Bar on Impact Safety' – to find out more about PAS 13 and what it means for you.