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New, highly visual systems for workplace messaging

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Clear and unmissable communications are vital in any workplace, including accessible notice boards and reference documents. It is information to keep staff safe, productive and focused on operational priorities. So, what’s new? Introducing, highly visual systems for workplace messaging. Public sector organisations, industry and commerce all still rely heavily on the printed word. There really … Continued

10 tips to make your warehouse safer

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There’s been a huge push on coronavirus-related safety measures in warehouses. This work must continue, but here are some less urgent safety priorities in warehouses that still need close attention. These are 10 tips to make your warehouse safer. As warehouses generate a wide range of risks, the need for protective clothing and equipment is … Continued

Modulean® Shadow Board Tool Organisation

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Modulean® Shadow Board Tool Organisation Modulean® shadow boards are a simple and effective way of organising important workplace items. Designed with the ‘5S’ system in mind (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) shadows boards have many benefits, including:  Improved productivity Easy traceability of tools Staff accountability Workspace utilisation Value for money Our Modulean® … Continued

Which is the right protective screen for your workplace?

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Which is the right protective screen for your workplace? With workplaces becoming increasingly prepped for Covid-19 a lot of companies are looking at ways to protect their staff and their customers. Hand sanitisers, face shields and one-way systems have been widely introduced. But what else can you add to the workplace to improve safety? Protective … Continued

The importance of proper warehouse signage

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Good warehouse signage must be considered an effective step on the path to improved levels of performance, operational efficiency and safety in the warehouse environment. In the swirling vortex of today’s 24/7 world, where people expect their online orders to be fulfilled almost at the drop of a hat, it’s easy to overlook the role … Continued

What are the 4 types of safety signs?

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Having safety signs in the workplace is essential. A visible instruction from a safety sign gives clear indication and lessens the likelihood of accidents to employees and non-employees, and therefore creates a safer working environment. Importantly, having warehouse safety signs will help you to comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations … Continued

Organising the Industrial Workplace for More Productive Workflow

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Organising the Industrial Workplace for More Productive Workflow. Workplace organisation is a visual and physical method of correctly organising the workplace. It ensures that only required material and equipment is present and that it is stored in a manner that aids the efficiency of the production facility or workplace.   Workplace and Stock Organisation   … Continued

Reviewing Industrial Safety Post-Covid-19

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New normal   There’s no doubt about it, Covid-19 has changed the economic and industrial landscape. There has been a sharp rise in online shopping which, in turn, has increased the productivity in warehousing, logistics and transport sectors, whilst also heightening levels of manufacturing and production.   UK manufacturing is being brought to the fore … Continued

Coronavirus: How signage and labelling are vital to an anti-coronavirus workplace

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  Quality signs and labels can play a seminal role in an effective anti-coronavirus (COVID-19) strategy during these difficult times for thousands of UK businesses. Employers have become accustomed to managing illness such as flu and colds in the workplace, particularly in the long winter months. However, the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak is causing many to … Continued

Social distancing at work

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How to implement social distancing and protecting your workforce during COVID-19 If you’re concerned about how to implement social distancing at work, then this article will help you. Operating safely and protecting the workforce is absolutely critical. For construction, manufacturing, distribution centres and logistics operations, it’s a seemingly impossible task to follow social distancing measures. … Continued