EV Charging Point Protection Kit

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Brandsafe Protection

  • Strong and robust impact protection for charging points
  • Three standard product packages available
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • Bespoke solutions can be created on request
  • Cost-effective coverage for valuable assets
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EV Charging Point Protection Kit

EV charging points are a significant investment, so it only makes sense to protect them from accidental damage with charging point protection kits.

These kits are available in three standard packages to suit your needs: Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty.

Light Duty Kit

  • 2x ImpactSAFE Protection Posts
  • Ideal for private and small car parks where domestic vehicles are the primary source of traffic

Medium Duty Kit

  • 2x ImpactSAFE Protection Posts
  • 1x Domestic Wheel Stop
  • For industrial and larger public car parks, where there’s a
    medium-to-high risk of impact damage and where light industrial vehicles (such as electric vans) are going to be using these charging points

Heavy Duty Kit

  • 2x ImpactSAFE Bollards
  • 1x Commercial Wheel Stop
  • Armco Safety Barriers (optional)
  • For when larger industrial vehicles, such as HLGVs and HGVs, are being used regularly in the surrounding area

With our EV Charging Point Protection Kits, you can have peace of mind knowing your valuable assets are fully protected. They’re cost-effective and provide comprehensive coverage for all your charging points. Order now for fast and reliable protection.

Please note that any lamp posts within a 2.5 metre radius of an electric vehicle charging point must also be protected to meet the current Health and Safety legislation.


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