Lamp and Sign Post Protectors

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Brandsafe Protection

Protect vulnerable lamp and sign posts against shunts and low-speed impact.

  • East to install clam-shell design
  • Highly visible colours and diamond-grade reflector band
  • Foam core absorbs impact to reduce damage to both post and vehicle
  • Replace the post wrap, not the post itself!
  • Available in 1250mm high kits
  • Can be double-stacked for 2500mm high commercial vehicle protection
  • Suitable for posts with diameters of 50mm – 210mm
  • All kits come with a foam core suitable for all sizes
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Introducing Brandsafe’s lamp and sign post protector, designed to keep vulnerable posts safe from shunts and low-speed impacts while also making them more visible to pedestrians and drivers. This protector features a high-density foam impact-absorbing core that provides unbeatable protection for your lamp and sign posts.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring no expensive excavation work like potted steel solutions. Plus, this low-cost solution means you can protect your posts without breaking the bank.

The unique clamshell system with security fixings ensures the protector stays in place, even in extreme weather conditions. Plus, the tough polyethylene construction means this protector can withstand the elements and continue to provide unbeatable protection for years to come.

But what sets this lamp and sign post protector apart is its ability to take vehicle nudges and low-speed impacts without damaging either the vehicle or the sign post itself. Not only this, but with diamond-grade 50mm hi-vis reflectors, this protector ensures the post stands out and is visible to drivers day or night.

Invest in the ultimate protection for your lamp and sign posts today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your posts are safe and visible to all.

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