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Where To Buy Floor Marking Tape In The UK

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Floor marking tape might not be something you think you need in your workplace, however, it can be vital for the safety of your space. Read on to find out why, and where you can buy this essential floor marking tape from Why use floor marking tape? Selecting the correct floor marking tape can help … Continued

Floor Marking Paint: The Options You Need To Be Aware Of

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Your internal flooring and the surface around your premises are a ‘blank slate’ for directional and safety signage. We show how the strategic use of floor marking paint also keeps you compliant. The floor in any workplace – but especially ones operating heavy machinery and warehouse equipment – provides the perfect place to put symbols … Continued

Bookshelf Labels Benefits: Keep Your Workplace Organised

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Having a logical, well-labelled storage system in any building is common sense. We discuss bookshelf label benefits and how locational aids reinforce basic human needs and have other purposes. Whether it’s a school, college, office space or busy warehouse environment, having a system to find items quickly – at a glance – saves time and … Continued

Clear Plastic Pockets: A Simple But Effective Item For Businesses

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The most versatile and straightforward way to communicate in the workplace is often by displaying notices and reports in ‘clear sight’, using these modern versions of clear plastic pockets. The most logical ways to disperse information in business premises have no technological alternatives. Physical documents mounted close at hand or notices posted at eye level … Continued

The Best Floor Marking Tape Solutions For Your Workplace

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Clear signage in workplaces must start at ground level, but this can be a ‘sticky’ subject if you don’t use floor marking tape logically. Here are our quick tips for the best floor marking tape solutions for your workplace. Meeting Health & Safety obligations on signage is your first priority, but it’s also important to … Continued

How To Protect Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

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As the UK green revolution gathers pace, many companies are considering the steps involved in planning, specifying and then protecting EV charging stations. How can you protect electric vehicle charging bays? The Government’s ten-point plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’ in Britain is backed by £12 billion of investment. It includes a wholesale switch to … Continued

Floor Signs Are The New Wall Signs

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Floor Signs Are The New Wall Signs Floor signs can be overlooked as a useful way of displaying important messaging or visible instructions. In workspaces such as warehouses, factories, storage facilities and offices, floor signs are a more accurate way of displaying pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes, as well as highlighting floorspace areas and potential … Continued

Introducing Visuclean: The Anti-Microbial Adhesive Vinyl

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Stick with us, as we’re about to explain an innovative product that can make infection control and surface cleanliness much easier in UK workplaces. We’re excited to unveil the new Visuclean range of adhesive vinyl. Awareness of the need to manage workplace hygiene has never been higher. Every company must be constantly alert to the … Continued

The Benefits of Using Adhesive Numbers and Letters in Your Workplace

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  Adhesive letters and numbers as vinyl stickers are a logical and clear way to get organised. From wheelie bins to wagon bays, and from document files to warehouse racks, adhesive labels offer a range of benefits and solutions. One of the most versatile, multipurpose products you can buy for your workplace is sets of … Continued

Announcement Regarding IWS Group

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Announcement Regarding IWS Group We are delighted to announce that the parent company of Beaverswood, IWS Group (The Industrial Workspace Specialists), has acquired The Rack Group, a leading provider of pallet racking safety solutions. Established for over 40 years as the UK’s leading pallet racking safety specialist, The Rack Group provides a unique combination of … Continued

Dear Customer,


We would like to thank you for all your support and business during the last 15 months - no one could have foreseen all the events that have unfolded, and we are incredibly proud of how our team have worked tirelessly with our customers and suppliers in navigating these challenging times. 


Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we need to share with you the testing circumstances that are besetting our industry. With prices for commodities, such as plastics, cardboard and paper, as well as transport costs rising in a way that we haven’t seen in our 37-year history, our supply partners have found themselves increasingly battling with growing costs and possible shortages.


From the start of the pandemic, we have been working closely with our supply partners to try and mitigate any risk of price increases. As an example, we took the decision early on to proactively pre-invest in our stock levels to lock in historic prices. However, with the continued supply & demand mismatches, and increasing industry pressures on the supply chains, we have had to evaluate our position and the impact it is having on our business. It is with great reluctance that we need to apply a temporary economic surcharge of 12% on all orders placed, effective from 22nd July 2021.


We pride ourselves on working very hard with our suppliers and customers to build strong, trusted and long-lasting partnerships, so please be assured that we will be reviewing this measure all of the time, and adapting it as we can, when hopefully market conditions become more settled for all of us.


We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding in these unsettling times