MODULEAN® 5S Shadow Boards & Vis Comm Boards

  • Organise your warehouse tools and equipment
  • Meet compliance and find the tools you need quickly with a 5S compliant cleaning station

Be compliant

A focal point for your equipment to eliminate waste and help ensure you’re 5S compliant.

Get organised

Keep your cleaning equipment in the right place – the key to effective workplace organisation.

Save time

Don’t waste time searching for your tools and equipment, find it in the right place, at the right time.

How it works

The MODULEAN® Shadow Board Range

Modulean® Shadow Boards have been designed to help organise and keep track of your tools in the workplace.

Each board defines where particular tools should be placed when they are not in use, allowing employees to identify when tools are missing from their correct workstation.

Mix and match boards with Modulean® Lite to create your own mobile system that are simple to move and relocate around the industrial workplace. The mobile framework with wheels on one foot holds two 500mm x 500mm Modulean boards on each side, fixed with screws for a secure finish. These smaller sized Modulean boards can also be used on their own by being screwed onto a wall. 


Our MODULEAN® Shadow Board range includes: 

• First Aid Board

• Cleaning Board Dry

• Cleaning Board Wet

• XL Cleaning Board 

• Fire Safety Station

• Eyewash and Accident Station

As part of the Modulean® range, our Shadow Boards work together with our Vis Comm Boards to create a modular, lean visual communication system.

1. Choose

Pick and choose from standard boards of 750 x 750mm to create a modular and lean system to suit your requirements:

  • Modular system to fit any space
  • Choose from a range of 5S/Lean boards
  • Various colour options to keep track of tools
  • Customise with title frames
  • Supplied with products on display, fixings and a title frame

2. Implement

Decide where to install your shadow boards and designate each work area with a different colour
  • Boards made from 10mm PVC and requires simple assembly
  • Pre-drilled for easy installation and is supplied complete with fixings
  • Set up your 5S compliant cleaning station within minutes

3. Outcome

Modulean® Shadow Boards ensure you’re efficient and help you comply with Lean 5S Management Programme
  • All your cleaning equipment and notices in the right place at the right time
  • Ensure efficiency in the workplace
  • Continue to meet 5S standards and promote a lean workplace

“Reliable. Responsive. 
Makes my life easier.”

“Beaverswood communicate well to distributors”

“Reliable, outstanding account management. Proactive.”

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