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Introducing Modulean™ Shadow Boards.

The world’s first modular 5S lean Shadow Boards. Carefully designed to enable compliance with the 5S Lean system, the Modulean™ Shadow Board series consists of a modular system of boards that can be used individually, or together, in the workplace.

Modulean™ has taken away the need [and the headache] for custom shadow boards, by creating a genius range of standard boards that are widely used across the workplace, removing a great deal of expense and time that’s associated with purchasing shadow boards. These simple-to-store, simple-to-transport, simple-to-install boards are available in a standard range that covers the full spectrum of the 5S Lean process – sure to fulfil any company’s requirement of a shadow board.


To celebrate the launch of Modulean™ Shadow Boards, we have an introductory offer for all of our customers.

Until the end of December 2019, take advantage of this special offer on this brand new product range!

Keep track of your tools!

Pick and choose from a range of standard boards of 750 x 750mm in various colour options to create a modular and lean visual communication system to suit your requirements. Each board is supplied with the products on display, along with title frames which can be customised to your design. All boards are supplied with fixings and a title panel for your own printed header.

Please contact us for more information on the NEW Modulean™ Shadow Boards range.

Accessorise your boards with Modulean™ Doc Frames, Rainbow Pockets and other Modulean™ accessories.