Protective Screens

Protective screens have a variety of uses, including offices, counters and receptions. Protective screens protect employees and customers by reduce the spread of infection through coughing and sneezing.

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  • Protective film for doors

    Visuclean Anti-microbial Adhesive Vinyl

    • Apply to any high contact surface area
    • <...

    From: £42.50 £410.00 SHOP NOW
  • Free standing office screens

    Office Floor Freestanding Perspex Screens

    • Office Floor Standing Screens designed to reduce personal ...
    From: £225.00 £249.00 SHOP NOW
  • Table Top Screens to Segregate Sections of Tables

    Table Top Screens

    • Screens to segregate tables to increase personal safety
    From: £69.50 £79.50 SHOP NOW
  • Sale! Social Distance counter top protective screen

    Counter Top Protective Screen

    • Protect employees and customers
    • Practical, freestanding ...
    From: £45.00 £39.00 SHOP NOW
  • Protective curtain

    Protective Curtain

    • High quality plexiglass Protective Curtain
    • Highly ...
    From: £97.00 SHOP NOW
  • Sale! Clear Office desk screens

    Office Desk Screens

    • Highly aesthetic office desk screens to reduce personal ...
    From: £79.90 £124.95 SHOP NOW
  • Perspex screens

    Perspex Protective Screen

    • Clear perspex screen (various sizes) in a heavy ...
    From: £267.00 £317.00 SHOP NOW
  • Sale! desk screens for receptions

    Reception Desk Screens

    • Highly aesthetic reception desk screens to reduce personal ...
    From: £105.40 £150.45 SHOP NOW
  • Rotational perspex screens

    Rotational Perspex Screens

    • Clear rotational perspex screen
    • Heavy duty ...
    From: £367.00 SHOP NOW
  • Sale! Office Desk Screen

    Office Desk Divider Extensions

    • Highly aesthetic office desk divider extensions to reduce ...
    From: £79.90 £107.95 SHOP NOW