Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip

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  • Gloss surface providing a changeable labelling system
  • Strong, durable magnetic backing to allow reliable adhesion to your
    steel warehouse racking units and whiteboards
  • Easily cut to any length with scissors
  • 10m long roll
Reusable, easy wipe surface Quick identification, efficient organisation Perfect for labelling and re-labelling Apply to racking, shelving, and more

Magnetic Easy-Wipe Racking Strip

Introducing a flexible alternative to traditional self-adhesive labels! This magnetic easy wipe racking strip is easy to update and relocate on the fly. It provides a fast and cost-effective system for identifying product codes, stock level information, and other labelling demands.


Why use Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strips?

  • Versatile Use: From steel warehouse racking to whiteboards, fridges, filing cabinets, lockers, and toolboxes, this magnetic strip adheres effortlessly, providing a reliable labelling solution for virtually any steel surface.
  • Easy to Update: With a glossy surface compatible with wet wipe marker pens, updating information is as simple as writing, wiping, and rewriting, ensuring your labels remain accurate and current.
  • Customizable: Supplied in 12 widths, our racking strips can be easily cut into various shapes and sizes using regular scissors. This allows for personalised organisation that meets your specific needs.
  • Durable & Reusable: Designed for longevity, the magnetic easy wipe strip can be used repeatedly, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for your labelling needs.


How Do Magnetic Wet Wipe Labels Work?

  1. Choose the length and width of magnetic easy wipe tape required
  2. Cut the roll to whatever length you require with a pair of regular scissors
  3. Affix to the steel surface you wish to label
  4. Write on the glossy surface with a wet wipe marker pen
  5. Wipe off with a damp cloth and use time and time again!


Looking for Pre-Cut Easy-Wipe Strips?

We also supply white Magnetic Easy-Wipe Location Markers in pre-cut sizes.


How thick are these tapes?

Our magnetic easy wipe strips are 0.6mm thick.


Can you use permanent markers on them?

Yes, however, you will need an alcoholic based cleaner to remove the writing.


Will they stick to aluminium?

Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal and magnetic products will not work as a general rule of thumb. There are odd exceptions to the rule, but in most cases, it won't work.


Can these go in the freezer?

They can, but it depends on the exact temperature. Chiller/freezer stores should be fine, however, we generally state a minimum operational temperature would be -30 degrees.


Can these be used outside?

Yes, the magnetic will work. However, heat could prove an issue as magnetic strength will reduce once the surface temperature is 50 degrees +.


What can they be cleaned with?

Various substances from a straightforward damp cloth, most generic cleaning products, and alcohol-based cleansers. It really depends on the type of pen you use!


Can the information on the strips be updated?

Yes, the glossy surface of the strips is designed for easy updates. Write on them with a wet wipe marker pen and wipe off with a damp cloth as needed, allowing you to use them time and time again.


Can they withstand warehouse conditions?

Yes, they are designed for durability in a warehouse setting.


Where can I use these racking strips?

These versatile strips are ideal for steel warehouse racking, shelving units, whiteboards, fridges, filing cabinets, lockers, toolboxes, and more. They're suitable for use in warehouses, offices, schools, factories, workshops, and even at home.


Can I cut the strips into different shapes?

Absolutely! The strips can be easily cut into colourful circles, squares, or other shapes with regular scissors, making them perfect for creative labelling on whiteboards and more.


Will the strips leave a residue when removed?

No, the magnetic nature of these strips means they can be removed without leaving any sticky residue, keeping your surfaces clean and undamaged.

Perfect For...

Our magnetic easy wipe racking strips are versatile, proving useful in almost every environment!

  • Labelling storage shelves, cabinets, etc.
  • Food labelling
  • Teaching aids
  • Stockroom labelling
  • Magnetic bookmarks
  • Agile planning and process mapping
  • Locker labelling
  • Toolbox labelling
  • Fridge to-do list
  • Seating chart
  • Use on whiteboards

Why You'll Love This Product

  • Easy to use – Cut the magnetic strip to the required size with scissors
  • Strong magnet - Our magnets have great holding power, ensuring reliability in daily use
  • Reusable - Simply write on them with a wet wipe marker pen, wipe them off, and use them time and time again for all your labelling needs!


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