racksack® nano

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  BOSS Awards 2023 Finalist


  • Designed for use with forklift trucks and pallet truck handles
  • Hook and loop fastening eliminates chance of snagging
  • Supplied with bungee loop fixing
  • Capacity: 32.8L
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 25kgs
  • Size: 600mm (H) x 450mm (W)
  • Other designs and special prints available on request
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racksack® nano

This small and sturdy waste segregation sack is the perfect size to attach to forklift trucks and pallet truck handles, making it ideal for collecting paper, plastic strapping, shrink wrap, and other waste generated as a forklift driver does their job.

Once full, racksack® nano can be emptied into a standard size racksack® or straight into the main waste collection point on site.

Featuring ties at the back and coming with bungee loop fixings as standard, racksack® nano is quick and easy to secure in place. Plus, to eliminate the possibility of snagging as the forklift or pallet truck moves around the warehouse, racksack® nano features a
hook and loop fastening on the mouth, allowing it to be firmly closed.

Like the rest of the racksack® range, racksack® nano is available with various eye-catching designs on the front, making separation of waste materials a breeze. racksack® nano promotes a cleaner and more organised workplace as it provides a place to deposit waste packaging while on the move – no more laborious to-ing and fro-ing from a standard floor bin!

What is racksack®?

racksack® is the original market-leading solution for waste segregation in the industrial workplace. It delivers a simple and cost-effective system to keep you compliant with UK and EU waste segregation legislation.

Where Can racksack® nano Be Used?

racksack® nano is 600mm high x 450mm wide with a bungee loop fixing and ties at the back. This makes it ideal for forklift trucks and pallet truck handles in particular.

racksack® nano is also part of a growing family:

  • racksack® – the original racksack® designed for end-of-aisle racking
  • racksack® clear – with a premium clear front to enhance security and identify incorrect waste sorting
  • racksack® mini – a smaller version of racksack®, perfect for desks, workbenches, and more
  • racksack® rollcage – ideal for 800mm wide roll containers
  • racksack® rollcage clear – with a premium clear front to identify incorrect waste sorting
  • racksack® trolley – for use on 580mm wide trolleys, with single or double pocket versions available

Why You'll Love This Product

  • Waste Segregation, Sorted – a simple system to sort warehouse/packaging waste, keeping you compliant with UK and EU regulations
  • Save Space – doesn’t encroach on valuable floor space like a standard industrial bin
  • Save the Planet – by using racksack® nano instead of plastic black bin liners, you’ll reduce the number of black sacks going to landfill
  • You Know When It’s racksack® – with quality that’s impossible to miss in every stitch, racksack® nano has what it takes to withstand tough industrial work environments


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