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Case Study: New racksack® and visual aids deliver for leading UK packaging distributor

New racksack® and visual aids deliver for leading UK packaging distributor

Investment in a new Beaverswood racksack® system is improving the collection and segregation of waste at one of the UK’s leading packaging, office products and industrial equipment suppliers.

RAJA UK, part of Europe’s leading packaging supplier, the RAJA Group, supplies an extensive range of packaging products and systems to markets across the UK and Ireland from its new 260,000 sq. ft. central warehouse and distribution facility in Brogborough near Bedford.

There, investment in 50 new hardwearing polypropylene racksack’s is part of a range of Beaverswood products that are reaping benefits, with the company reporting improved segregation and management of waste materials as a team of 60 pickers process hundreds of orders on a daily basis.

Suspended from the end of shelving racks, racksack’s support picking operations, helping to keep the workspace tidy and free from potential slip or trip hazards. It also contributes to saving space, as operatives can handily dispose of paper, plastic, clips and other waste produce, which is then gathered and sent for offsite recycling.

Furthermore, it is saving RAJA valuable floor space, something that’s a great premium in a logistics and material handling space, thanks to its unique rack-hanging design.

RAJA, which is also a Beaverswood product reseller, estimates that its investment in the racksack, which sees waste segregated as orders are processed and distributed rather than collected at the end of each shift, is providing efficiencies that will contribute to long term cost savings.

The racksack system is one of several Beaverswood products used by RAJA that are proving advantageous. Picking errors have been reduced following investment in new aisle signage, rack labels and document holders to aid the swift processing of orders.

In the UK, employers must provide a safe workplace for people and use various strategies and signs to warn them of potential hazards. So, with safety and welfare paramount during the current pandemic, new safety floor markers have been installed in the Brogborough warehouse to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements and protect people in a busy industrial environment.

These product-based solutions have been effective, according to Chris Liddell, RAJA UK’s purchasing director, who added it was important to continue to invest to secure efficiencies as packaging distributors expand to meet Covid-driven ecommerce growth.

He said: “Our new distribution centre accommodates our plans and will support any requirements for future expansion. With this sizeable investment, it was important to have the right visual and organisational aids in place to maximise productivity. We opted for Beaverswood systems and have been delighted with the performance of the warehouse to date.


“Racksack helps us to meet our waste management responsibilities. The biggest benefit is that it provides us with an effective waste solution without taking up any floor space. This improves our housekeeping and boosts productivity at the same time. Together with other initiatives, it’s definitely helping us to be far more efficient and better recycle waste.


“Improvements on the back of new shelf signage and labelling systems have also contributed to making our workplace more productive for order picking and processing. Our pickers can see easier where they need to be in the warehouse and identify quickly where to they should be working.”


Chris Liddell added that Beaverswood supplies quality, good specification products, which are well supported and serviced.

Manufactured from hard wearing woven material to withstand the rigours of the warehouse environment, the racksack hangs off the ends of shelving and racking systems that are between 900mm to 1100mm deep. Sacks are available in multiple designs to allow for rapid waste segregation including mixed paper and card, plastic only, general waste, and more.

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Racksack on end of aisle racking in warehouse Raja UK
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The racksack® being used at a RAJA UK warehouse distribution centre in Brogborough, near Bedford

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The racksack® product range is suitable for many industrial environments