Self Adhesive Angled Ticket Holders

New Self-Adhesive Angled Ticket Holders

We’re excited to launch our latest and greatest product: Self-adhesive angled ticket holders!

As their name suggests, these holders hang at an angle from the shelf to ensure optimum visibility, allowing operatives or customers to get a clear view of the information within.

This nifty new addition to the Beaverswood® labelling range provides a great alternative to traditional flat labels – no more climbing or bending to read or scan labels!

Benefits and Features:

Clear Identification

Angled to provide maximum visibility to easily read and scan labels, even on the lowest shelves.

Angled Ticket Markers Clear Identification
Angled Ticket Markers Clear Identification Durable Material

Durable Material

Manufactured from clear PVC, suited to the rigours of industrial workplace environments.

Simple Fixing

Comes with a strong adhesive tape strip to attach to the top of the shelf.

Angled Ticket Markers Simple Fixing
Angled Ticket Markers Clear Identification Easy To Load

Easy to Load

Simply pull forward the front and add inserts as needed.

Supplied with blank white card inserts (pre-printed inserts can also be supplied with alpha-numeric sequences and barcodes).

Ideally suited for warehouses, retail, supermarkets, or anywhere else there is a requirement to display product locations, information, barcodes, or pricing.

And with the Beaverswood® name to them, you can be sure of the quality, longevity, and ease of use of these ticket holders!

RefAngleSize (H x W)Pack
ATHS210106o26mm x 100mm100
ATHS220106o26mm x 200mm50
ATHS310126o39mm x 100mm100
ATHS320126o39mm x 200mm50

If you’d like to become a reseller of this product, or for any further details or enquiries, please get in touch!

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