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Packaging waste, recycle and segregate

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Are you complying?

Are you complying with the new waste regulations that actually came into force back in January 2015? To help comply Beaverswood’s range of warehouse packaging waste sacks called racksack’s can be used to either hold material for re-using or to segregate waste. The sacks are now available in a choice of Green or Blue each with a choice of 14 standard print designs, other designs including some company logos can also be printed to your specification.

Watch the product demonstration video >

Warehouse waste sacks

There is a large increase on landfill tax year on year with businesses seeking new ways to segregate & recycle more warehouse waste products, not only for economical point of view but environmental as well. This waterproof polyester sack with its supplied “S” hook fixings is perfect not only for use on racking & shelving but can be quickly and easily used on other substrates. The sack has been designed with quality in mind & can be re-used withstanding the rigours of a busy environment. The racksack features a large open mouth to easily receive waste and with its tapered design it will not intrude into valuable warehouse space. Three strong handles are double stitched into the edge of the sack, one on each side for carrying and one on the base, so that the sack can be easily titled from the base and emptied.

Further details on the regulations can be found here

New – Mobile Waste Recycling

Rather than just having semi-fixed waste recycling stations Beaverswood have introduced 2 new sacks that are designed to move around the warehouse with the personnel, these sacks either fit onto trolleys or roll cages to keep the whole warehouse and workplace neat and tidy

recycling waste sacks

Trolley sacks are available in a choice of single or double pockets and can be used with trolleys up to 580mm wide. Cagesacks are ideal for use on mesh roll containers up to 800mm wide. Both are made from tough waterproof polyester, and can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment. Fits either by hooking over the sides or can also be secured via eyelets in the top corners.

For further details on the range either contact the sales office or click here

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Dear Customer,


We would like to thank you for all your support and business during the last 15 months - no one could have foreseen all the events that have unfolded, and we are incredibly proud of how our team have worked tirelessly with our customers and suppliers in navigating these challenging times. 


Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we need to share with you the testing circumstances that are besetting our industry. With prices for commodities, such as plastics, cardboard and paper, as well as transport costs rising in a way that we haven’t seen in our 37-year history, our supply partners have found themselves increasingly battling with growing costs and possible shortages.


From the start of the pandemic, we have been working closely with our supply partners to try and mitigate any risk of price increases. As an example, we took the decision early on to proactively pre-invest in our stock levels to lock in historic prices. However, with the continued supply & demand mismatches, and increasing industry pressures on the supply chains, we have had to evaluate our position and the impact it is having on our business. It is with great reluctance that we need to apply a temporary economic surcharge of 12% on all orders placed, effective from 22nd July 2021.


We pride ourselves on working very hard with our suppliers and customers to build strong, trusted and long-lasting partnerships, so please be assured that we will be reviewing this measure all of the time, and adapting it as we can, when hopefully market conditions become more settled for all of us.


We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding in these unsettling times