Floor Line Marking Tape

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  • Get the same high visibility benefits as painted floor markings, but at a much more cost-effective price!
  • Made from vinyl – tough and durable, perfect for warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics environments
  • Ideal for marking out aisles, walkways, and storage locations, as well as highlighting important safety equipment or hazards
Premium Vinyl Material: Withstands heavy foot and machinery traffic Highly Visible: For clear demarcation Safety Compliance: Aids in hazard identification and area zoning Easy Application: Self-adhesive backing for quick installation Maintenance-Free: Resists wear, tearing, and lifting at the edges Cost-Effective: An affordable solution to marking boundaries

Floor Line Marking Tape

This tough and durable floor line marking tape is ideal for various work environments and uses. Manufactured from hard-wearing vinyl, these tapes can withstand heavy footfall and machinery traffic. Plus, the high-quality adhesive ensures this tape adheres strongly to surfaces – it won’t lift once applied!

Available in multiple colours and an extra-wide 75mm width so you can colour-code areas with ease. (Please note, 75mm width is only available in Green, Red, White, and Yellow).

The black/yellow tape and red/white tape are also available as a box of 24.

What is Line Marking Tape Used For?

Line marking tape has a variety of uses. You can use it to highlight hazards, divide spaces, create walkways, mark storage areas, and more, all with the aim of keeping your people safe while maintaining smooth operations.

Vinyl floor tape is an effective alternative to paint as it’s much faster to install and replace which reduces operational downtime. Additionally, it’s extremely long-lasting and can withstand heavy traffic, unlike paint which often rubs off from consistent footfall.

How To Use

Simply peel off the backing and smooth down in straight lines on the desired surface (which must be flat, dry, and sealed for proper adherence).

To avoid backaches which can often accompany floor line marking tape installations, we recommend our easy-to-use line marking applicator.

Perfect For...

Our line marking tape has hundreds, if not thousands, of uses in all sorts of places, ranging from factories, warehouses, medical stores, schools, sports halls, construction, supermarkets, and more. Here are some popular surfaces it's used on:
  • Stairways
  • Walkways
  • Storage areas
  • Workstations
  • Hazards
  • Restricted areas
And here are a handful of ways it can be utilised:
  • Mark the bottom step for those with visual impairments
  • Cable management
  • Highlight hazards, such as low-hanging pipes or beams or raised paving slabs
  • Warning tape for a cracked window
  • Mark areas on a stage or dancefloor
  • Black/Yellow tape is popular for Halloween decorations, or to use in crime-scene themed activities or plays

Why You'll Love This Product

  • Easy to use – Simply peel off the backing and apply to smooth, flat, sealed surfaces.
  • Durable - This tape is made from tough PVC which can withstand the rigours of industrial environments
  • Clear Caution - The bright colours are highly visible, bringing attention to walkways, storage locations, or potentially dangerous areas


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