Floor Signal Markers

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  • Floor signal markers made from tough PVC with a strong adhesive backing
  • Designed to withstand warehouse traffic
  • Highlight walkways, forklift routes, block stack pallet areas, and more
  • Suitable for application onto a clean, flat, sealed surface
  • Available in six colours and various designs
Directional signage, safety marking High visibility, easy to apply Wide range of colours for different signalling Improved safety, efficient traffic flow

Floor Signal Markers

Transform your workplace into a model of efficiency and safety with Beaverswood® Floor Signal Markers. Our premium quality markers are the cornerstone of effective warehouse management, designed to clearly define walkways, direct traffic flow, indicate pallet positions, and enhance overall floor organisation.


Why Choose Beaverswood® Floor Signal Markers?

  • Durability Meets Design: Crafted from robust PVC, these markers are engineered to endure the daily challenges of a busy warehouse environment. From the relentless movement of forklifts to the constant tread of foot traffic, our markers resist abrasion and maintain their vivid visibility.
  • Versatile Application: Perfectly suited for any clean, flat, and sealed surface, our floor signals are easy to apply and even easier to see. They’re an essential tool for maintaining a safe and orderly workspace.
  • Colour-Coded Efficiency: Available in a spectrum of colours – Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, and Yellow – our floor signal markers allow for intuitive space organisation and hazard identification, streamlining operations and reducing accidents.


Shapes for Every Need:

  • Directional Walkways Foot Symbol (300mm x 100mm): Guide foot traffic and delineate safe walking paths.
  • T-Shape (200mm x 300mm): Mark intersections or pallet positions with clear indicators.
  • Cross Shape (300mm x 300mm): Ideal for highlighting important intersections or areas requiring caution.
  • L Shape (200mm x 200mm): Perfect for corner marking or outlining specific areas.
  • Arrow Shape (90mm x 90mm): Direct traffic flow efficiently throughout your facility.
  • Circle (90mm diameter): Use for spot marking or as stand-alone indicators for key locations.


Benefits for Your Business:

  • Enhanced Safety: Clearly marked areas reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer environment for your team and visitors.
  • Improved Workflow: Organised and well-marked floors can significantly increase operational efficiency, making it easier to navigate and manage inventory.
  • Customisable Solutions: With a range of colours and shapes, our floor signal markers can be combined to create a comprehensive and effective floor marking system tailored to your specific needs.


Invest in Your Workspace Today

Don’t compromise on safety or efficiency. Beaverswood® Floor Signal Markers provide a straightforward, reliable solution for organizing your workspace and ensuring smooth operations. Order now to take the first step towards a safer, more efficient workplace.


What material are these markers made from?

Durable PVC with a strong adhesive backing.


On what type of surfaces can the floor signal markers be applied?

These markers are suitable for application on clean, flat, sealed surfaces. They adhere well to most warehouse and industrial flooring, providing a long-lasting marking solution.


How durable are the floor signal markers?

Beaverswood® Floor Signal Markers are printed on tough PVC material, making them resistant to wear and tear from daily abrasion, including heavy forklift traffic and general footfall.


Are the markers easy to apply?

Yes, the floor signal markers are designed for easy application, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently mark areas without the need for professional installation.


Can the markers be removed or repositioned?

The markers are intended for permanent application to ensure they withstand daily traffic. Removal or repositioning may damage the marker or leave residue on the floor, so it's best to plan their placement carefully.


How can floor signal markers improve workplace safety?

By clearly marking walkways, traffic flow directions, and pallet positions, floor signal markers help prevent accidents and ensure a safer working environment by guiding traffic and highlighting hazards.


Do you offer custom printing options?

Depending on your requirements, we might be able to help - please contact us.


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