Stock Indicator Wheel

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  • Simple 3-colour coded system to show stock availability
  • Ideal visual aid when stock is not easily visible
  • Plate dimensions are 90mm high (110mm overall) x 140mm wide
Visual stock level indication Inventory management, stock monitoring Rotatable wheel, colour-coded indicators Easy attach options Quick inventory assessments, time-saving
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Stock Indicator Wheel

Elevate your inventory management system with the revolutionary Beaverswood® Stock Indicator Wheel. Designed for precision and ease of use, these innovative tools are essential for any business looking to streamline its inventory processes.


Key Features and Benefits:

Advanced Three-Colour System

Our Stock Indicator Wheels incorporate a unique three-colour design – green, amber, and red – providing a simple view of stock levels. Green signifies sufficient stock, amber indicates moderate stock levels requiring attention, and red alerts you to low or depleted stock. This system offers a clear understanding of your inventory status at a glance.


Robust and User-Friendly Design

Crafted from durable materials, these stock wheels are built to withstand the demands of a busy warehouse or retail environment. Their intuitive design ensures easy operation, allowing for quick updates to stock status with a simple turn of the wheel.


Versatile Labeling Options

Each wheel is affixed to a blank white plate for customisable labelling. You can easily note product details, SKUs, or any other relevant information, enhancing organisation and efficiency.


Easy Installation

The Stock Indicator Wheels feature a convenient, self-adhesive backing, making them effortless to install on a variety of surfaces. This feature allows for quick setup and immediate use in any stock management area.


Applications Across Industries

These indicators are perfect for retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing units, healthcare facilities, and more. They are particularly useful in environments where maintaining optimal stock levels is crucial for smooth operations.


Looking for a 2-colour Coded Stock Indicator System?

Check out our Stock Indicator Sliders – a simple red/green sliding system to highlight stock availability.


What is a Stock Indicator Wheel?

The Beaverswood® Stock Indicator Wheel is an innovative inventory management tool designed to provide a quick and easy visual indication of stock levels using a three-colour system: green for sufficient stock, amber for moderate levels, and red for low stock.


What material are the stock indicator wheels made from?

The wheels and plate are made from durable plastic for various storage environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Are the Stock Indicator Wheels easy to Install?

Yes, they're designed for ease of installation. Each wheel comes with either a self-adhesive, magnetic, or wire clip backing that can be attached to shelves, bins, or any storage surface.

For self-adhesive and magnetic options:

  1. Clean the surface you’re planning to affix the wheel to. With the self-adhesive option, this will help the adhesive bond properly.
  2. Apply the wheel to the area by pressing firmly.

The wire-clip option is perfect for fixing to wooden pallets and stillages up to 25mm thick, or metal wire mesh shelving.


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