Ticket Pouches

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  • A range of self-adhesive or magnetic ticket pouches
  • Available from stock in four different sizes
  • Barcodes can be scanned without removing the insert
  • Supplied in packs of 100
  • Choose from five colour options
  • Perfect for warehouse racking and shelving, as well as 5S lean environments
Flexible PVC, clear front Label protection, easy identification Keeps labels clean and visible Easy loading with top/side entry

Ticket Pouches

Elevate your inventory management and organisational efficiency with Beaverswood® Ticket Pouches. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, these pouches are an ideal solution for warehouses, retail spaces, and any setting where visual management plays a key role. Our pouches support 5S lean environments, promoting order, cleanliness, and standardisation through effective visual cues.


Why Use Beaverswood® Ticket Pouches?

  • Colour-Coding for Easy Identification: Available in five vibrant colours, our pouches allow you to implement a colour-coded system effortlessly. This enhances visual management and significantly improves efficiency in locating and managing inventory.
  • Durable and Flexible PVC Construction: These pouches are built to last from high-quality, flexible PVC. They withstand the daily demands of any busy environment, protecting your important labels from wear, tear, and environmental damage.
  • Clear Front for Hassle-Free Scanning: Designed with a transparent front, our pouches enable easy barcode scanning without removing the insert, streamlining the inventory process and saving valuable time.
  • Easy Access Design: With openings at the top and side, updating or changing your label inserts is quick and straightforward, ensuring your information is always current and accessible.
  • Mounting Options to Suit Your Needs: Select from our self-adhesive ticket pouches for a secure, permanent placement or opt for the magnetic version for flexibility and ease of relocation. Both options are supplied in packs of 100, complete with white card inserts, making setup immediate and hassle-free.


Streamline Your Labelling Process

Don’t let outdated or inefficient labelling systems hinder your business operations. Beaverswood® Ticket Pouches offer a cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality solution to streamline your labelling, ensuring your inventory management is both productive and agile. It is ideal for warehouses seeking to optimise their racking systems or any space requiring clear and effective identification.

In addition to ticket pouches, explore our comprehensive range of ticket holders and label holders.

Perfect For...

Ticket pouches are versatile tools that can be utilised across a wide range of environments for organising, labelling, and displaying information efficiently.

Here's a list of potential environments where ticket pouches could be particularly useful:

  • Warehouses: For labelling inventory, aisles, and racking systems, helping workers locate items quickly and reduce picking errors.
  • Retail Stores: For displaying product information, prices, and promotional messages on shelves and displays.
  • Manufacturing Plants: For identifying parts, workstations, or providing instructions and safety information.
  • Offices: For organising files, mail slots, and storage areas.
  • Schools and Libraries: For labelling bookshelves, equipment, and storage areas.
  • Transport and Logistics Centres: For labelling storage bins.
  • Food Service and Restaurants: For labelling storage areas and ingredient bins.
  • Sports Facilities and Gyms: For locker identification.
  • Automotive Repair Shops: For organising parts, job tickets, and customer information.

Ticket pouches offer a practical and efficient way to enhance organisation and streamline operations in these and many other environments.


What material are these ticket pouches made from?

Flexible plastic with a clear front for visibility.


How can I attach these pouches?

Options include self-adhesive or magnetic. To apply the ticket pouches:

  1. Clean the surface you're planning to affix the pouch to. With the self-adhesive option, this will help the adhesive bond properly.
  2. Apply the pouch to the area by pressing firmly.
  3. Place the card insert within the ticket pouch.
  4. Check the information on the card insert can be read and/or scanned properly.


Can barcodes be scanned through the pouches?

Yes, the clear front of our ticket pouches allows barcodes to be scanned without removing the insert, facilitating easy and efficient inventory management.


Can I get pre-printed inserts for the ticket pouches?

While our standard offering includes blank white card inserts, we can assist with supplying pre-printed inserts tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Are they reusable?

Yes, they are designed for easy label update and reuse.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, request a quote for bulk order pricing.


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